Windows Phone 7 Manufacturer market share estimation

Here’s a relatively rough estimation of the Windows Phone 7 manufacturers market share and most successful devices based on the handsets running applications using the AdGAC ad control. As you can see above that HTC is the clear leader mainly because of the sheer number of models it currently offers (and HD2′s running WP7 too…). It is followed by Samsung who offers only one model in EU (Omnia 7), one in NA (Focus) and then LG who only offers one model in NA/AUS (Quantum) and one in Europe (Optimus 7).

The HTC HD7 is apparently the most used WP7 handsets thanks to its worldwide availability but it’s also interesting to see that the Omnia 7 which is currently not available in NA is such a big hit too. We can also see the recently leaked HTC Mazaa in there. Nothing much is know about it other than it looks like a HTC 7 Trophy (could this be the Gyroscope equipped version of it that was used during the MIX11 sessions?)

source: AdGAC via twitter

  • Mark Gibbs

    I don’t understand why the Dell Venue Pro is so low on the market ? I thought it was a popular phone how could it sell so little ? are we sure this is corrrect ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    It’s popular in terms of “hype” but that is all. Remember that it suffered from hardware and software issues that delayed it’s release and retail availability for months (the issues have only been fixed now with the newest firmware). It’s not surprising at all to see it being so low on the chart. It’s barely available in the US and nowhere to be seen in Europe (one UK carrier had some stock at some point IIRC)

  • Anonymous

    No carrier sells the Dell Venue Pro: that’s why.

    You have to buy to from Dell website or a special online retailer.