HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 ROM released! But still no Live Services

The port of Windows Phone 7 to the HTC HD2 that has been underway for a while now has finally come to fruition with the first public release of an experimental LEO_WP7 ROM courtesy of the DFT (Dark Forces Team). So what is this all about? Well, you can finally play around with Windows Phone 7 on your trusty old HTC HD2 but without access to any Live services which kinda renders the whole thing useless IMO. You can grab it from here ..if you understand Chinese.. Anyway, just read my newly posted:

HUGE Windows Phone 7 Review

…to see what will be missing without access to the Live services.

UPDATE: Find all downloads links and mirrors at the bottom of the post!
UPDATE: yes it is now possible to activate the Live Services via a registry hack that fools the MS servers into thinking that the HTC HD2 is an HTC HD7 and by requesting an activation code from MS (only 3 allowed by LIVE ID). But I strongly recommend you not to do it. Once Microsoft lays down the ban hammer on the Live IDs accessing the services this way… there’s no going back.

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HTC HD2 running WP7 system :

Flash MAGLDR 1.12

Flash WP7 OS via DWI (DFT Windows Installer).

System starts quickly, after flashing the first boot needs about 20 seconds up to start settings.

Battery can be charged normally in WP7 OS.
Testers reports that power consumption is normal.

Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large, volume +,- keys works fine.
During a call when you can adjust the volume.

SMS send and receive works without problems, display Chinese symbols right.

Import contacts from the SIM card works, the Chinese text displayed correctly, contact editing all normal. Setting ringtone working.

Camera works, all the features available, including the 720P video. (Photo-Flash sync is slightly buggy, better make photos without flash)
Green camera can be used for camera activation.

WiFi turn on, turn off, fast, and works for available networks properly, unable to make detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).

Bluetooth functional normally, but have not detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).

Program interface and system UI works correctly, features fully stocked.

The system date, time, normal, alarm clock works correctly.

Calendar have all functional.

Internet Explorer all functions works, up to 6 pages possible. multitouch works.

Office – all functions are available.

The music and video player works.

Picture view works, including multitouch.

Lock screen interfaces works normally, show event reminders, wallpaper, and appear on screen quickly after power button press, everything OK.

Sync with the Zune works.

USB function can be achieved (by modifying the registry on the PC side), you can read, write, everything works.

Accelerometer works, autorotation works with beautiful effects.

Screen brightness control can be manually controlled. Automatic works fine too.

Ability to choose custom wallpaper works.

Lock screen, unlock correctly, including password.



Press the dial(green,send) key to enter activate camera, press the dial key again for shooting.

Wake up from standby possible only via power key.

Home key are actually search key (bring up Bing).

Return back via return hardware key.


Market place : in mobile phone you can start the data connection, such as GPRS, 3G, WiFi, market place access, browse, search, all of the resources, but
Purchase and install the software requires a Live ID to activate, otherwise invalid. Current activation codes is unknown.

About 3G: 3G APN must be set up manually, once it is set, depending on network environment will appear at the top of the screen “, 3G, g, h” signs
Data connection is stable.

About SD card:

This test, I used SD card 2G, about the mechanism after you remove the SD card, Card Reader make SD card into the computer, only 200M available, the remaining 1.64G
Space is divided into a personal identification by Windows Phone RAID region, if you would like to use this SD card after the date required to reformat the card.

Modbus, ASCII modify Windows 7 (Windows XP) brochure sheets, plug the start with the machine to automatic identification in computer don’t mobile Ying pan, you can
The market for its further rows read, Xie operation, but returned to after sales of wp7 systems, Dong Xie into West radio law see, I have been successful solutions of the market for wp7 Locks and install on the
Data source Manager, any Directory can be entered, including under Windows and Windows System Directory, but the radio how the matter could not find the SD card, also found
Previously could not certify release of further sales of those papers, ? can be seen on the computer.

I think nutrited source of that personal information manager software is still no breakthrough in wp7 restrictions the market for SD card

About battery capacity:

WP7 battery show is Almost a standard confirmation, my battery of measurement there are 50%, but flashing back to WM, entered WM6.5 systems baterry show 29%,
maybe not enough getting confirmation of it, might also be a problem of pool battery , can also be WM system protection mechanism for pool battery , anyway too many factors, this
No examination to consider

About solutions of wp7 unlock:

Successful solutions for unlocked, and this is I can confirmed it , but some time later, try to run program its locked again … …
For sure you can unlocked any time you want and also can be locked by yourself.

Last part talking about flashing back WM65 system.

Three color boot screen – connected to PC- flash ROM , without flashing back official ROM can be directly flashing any custom WM65 ROM.

Last :

The overall feeling is, turn on quickly, into the system for about 20 seconds, memory control system runs extremely smooth, very good,
Comes with original programs click on it again, almost cotton feel to the system, you can say speed of first-class, stable
Very good, however, the shutdown is very slow!

Market place with the Xbox Live certification cannot be activated!

Readme I :

*Install MAGLDR 1.12

Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe

*Install LEO70 ROM

In MAGLDR select “5. USB Flasher” via VolDown key and Green key.
Run DWI on PC, read information (!IMPORTANT!) before flashing.
Flash it.

Readme II :

Windows Phone 7 for HTC HD2(LEO) by DFT

Windows Live:
Windows Live functions including the Market don’t work.
To sync contacts/calendar/emails you need to manually set up
your Hotmail account. Using MS Hotmail Connector it’s then
possible to sync with Outlook.

Hard reset:

During boot, when “1234″ appears on screen, press and hold VolUp + VolDown,
until the message appears. Press VolDown twice to clear data.

SD ??
SD Card:

The SD Card will only be available to the OS if it’s inside the device during
its first boot. Removing the SD Card will destroy all user data
and a hard reset is required!

NOT all SD Cards are compatible with WP7.
If your card isn’t compatible with WP7, it won’t be used for data storage or
it may cause random reboots.

There’s no list of compatible cards yet.

WARNING: WP7 will format the SD card during the first boot.
Two SD card partitions are created during cold boot.
First one is a 200Mb FAT partition and another one with unknown format which
is used as RAID with main memory.

Keyboard buttons mapping:

GREEN – camera key
HOME – launch search (Bing)
WIN – show home screen
BACK – backward
RED – power


At current moment LEO1024 supported, but only 512 megabytes of NAND is used.


This product is free to use at your own risk. We take NO responsibility for any
conflict, fault, or damage caused by this procedure. No warranties implied or
otherwise, are given if you agree to use this product. No problems were found while
testing this product on several different devices, your experience may vary.

Dark Forces Team, 12.01.2011

Thanks to RMansoor in the comments below for the download links: