Windows Phone 7 Mango Gyroscope support demo: Fujitsu IS12T vs HTC Mazaa

Here’s a short video demonstrating the new Gyroscope support in Windows Phone 7 Mango on a Fujitsu IS12T and an HTC Mazaa developer handset. As you probably already know Mango now includes a new Sensor API that facilitates the work of application developers by essentially taking care of all of the device’s hardware sensors without the need for the dev to directly poll them (this can obviously be by-passed if the dev wishes to do it all himself). Check out the video after the break:

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In-depth look at Multi-Tasking on Windows Phone Mango

Channel 9 just posted an in-depth look at the new Multi-Tasking and fast application switching on Windows Phone 7 Mango. The video is 22 minutes long and shows Microsoft’s Peter Torr talking about theses new features and demonstrating them live on the HTC Mazaa developer handsets (Video after the break):

annotation courtesy of George_Curelet_Balan:
- 2:30 why multi-tasking support took so long? It impacts battery life & user experience.
- 4:13 why multitasking is hard on phone?
- 5:44 higher bar requirement for user experience on the phone
- 6:00 fast switching requires rebuilding app for Mango
- 7:20 difference between WP7 & Mango
- 9:00 how app runs in the background? no GUI, 6Mb memory, cannot run 100% CPU for more than 25s
- 9:54 resources taken by the twitter demoed app
- 10:33 XNA doesn’t support background agents,has a diff mechanism to play media (doesn’t support random sound effects)
- 12:11 granularity of control the developer & user have on background tasks
- 12:30 background transfers, alarms and reminders are handled by sys
- 12:50 audio agents run all the time
- 13:15 flavours of generic background agents
1. periodic agents
2. resource intensive agents (run in night stand mode)
run in round robin fashion every 10 min (e.g. for data syncing)
- 14:55 demo of background agent management; app cannot turn on its agent on if user doesn’t want it
- 17:40 location aware feature
- 18:00 battery draining issue

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Microsoft to give away Mango devices to developers and early ROMs ? [UPDATED]

Microsoft has clarified the situation around the “early Mango access for developers” thing that Joe Belfiore announced on Twitter a few days ago. Un-surprisingly the company isn’t going to push out Mango early to registered developers but will instead hand out development devices with Mango pre-installed to a select number of developers similar to what the company did last year prior to the launch of Windows Phone 7. This may be disappointing to some but it’s clearly the way to go to prevent people from registering to the dev program in masses just to get early access to the update (tech support would have been a mess too).

To update Joe’s tweet: We’re working on a plan. Just like last year, when we made developer phones available with the Windows Phone 7 OS, we plan to have developer phones this summer supporting new Mango features like the gyroscope. We don’t have any dates to share just yet, so stay tuned.

The developer handset will most probably be the HTC Mazaa that has been used in all Windows Phone 7 Mango demos so far.

UPDATE: Scratch all that. Apparently Microsoft’s Cliff Simpkins confirmedĀ  that registered developers will get access to Mango via an update if things go as planned:

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HTC Windows Phone 7 handset with 12 MP camera in the wild

The infamous E.Murtazin is apparently in the possession of an upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset that features a 12 MegaPixel camera capable of shooting uncompressed RAW images. This is definitely more realistic than the rumored 16MP HTC handset and also really inserting because RAW shooting will probably be a first for a smartphone (correct me if I’m wrong). Eldar has already confirmed that it is not a Nokia handset and given his “close ties” with the Korean company I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Samsung device. Remember that I already told you that Samsung was currently working on a high-end Windows Phone 7 Mango device so this could possibly be what Murtazin has in his hands right now.

UPDATE: The device is apparently and HTC handset as seen in the photos below (design looks similar to the HTC Trophy and is probably the HTC Mazaa which is probably the Torphy look-alike equipped with a Gyroscope shown and used during the MIX sessions and keynotes).

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Windows Phone 7 Manufacturer market share estimation

Here’s a relatively rough estimation of the Windows Phone 7 manufacturers market share and most successful devices based on the handsets running applications using the AdGAC ad control. As you can see above that HTC is the clear leader mainly because of the sheer number of models it currently offers (and HD2′s running WP7 too…). It is followed by Samsung who offers only one model in EU (Omnia 7), one in NA (Focus) and then LG who only offers one model in NA/AUS (Quantum) and one in Europe (Optimus 7).

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