Enable Tethering on HTC Windows Phone 7 devices

As you have probably already noticed by now I usually only post about things that I personally think are worth talking about (that’s the beauty of having my own blog..) and this is why you won’t see me talk about every single homebrew Windows Phone 7 application popping up. Unless it’s something I think is really important like enabling tethering on HTC’s Windows Phone 7 devices. So if you have a developer unlocked device (you know..if you actually paid the $99) or if you just unlocked yours with the ChevronWP7 unlocker (which will definitely be rendered useless after the first OS Update) here is how to finally enable USB Tethering on an HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets:

1. Download XAP file here
2. Download HTC Sync for Android from HTC for USB Modem driver from HTC’s site (the whole package) or just the driver here
3. Deploy XAP file to your phone
4. Turn of your Data conection in your phone.
5. Run DFRouter and click on “HTC Modem”
6. If you only downloaded driver package just unzip to any folder, then Open Device Manager (recommended for Win7 64bit). If you installed the HTC Android package skip to step 10.
7. Find USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0EFF&REV_0000&MI_01 and force update driver with HtcUsbMdmV64 (inside unzipped folder)
8. Find USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0EFF&REV_0000&MI_00 and force update driver with HtcVComV64 (inside unzipped folder)
9. You will get two new device HTC USB Modem and HTC Diagnostic Interface (COM8)
10. Connect device to PC, open HTC USB Modem and select Advance Label
11. Add below command
(APN = Your carrier’s APN)
12. Create a new connection with HTC USB Modem, diag number is *99#
13.Just connect without user name and password.

I personally didn’t test this (don’t have an HTC WP7 device anymore) but this should get the job done (don’t hesitate to post in the comments below if it worked for you. You can fin the instructions to enable tethering on LG’s Windows Phone 7 phones here and Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 here.

UPDATE: Tethering can now be enabled on the Dell Venue Pro. Follow the instructions here.

via XDA-devs

  • Marsey200

    ok in step 3 is states “deploy xap file into phone” what does that mean and how do u do that? i plugged in my phone to my laptop but how do i get xap into the fone. ive tried downloading it off the website on the phone but it says the xap file is not compatible. please help

  • Dd Bell

    Hi Marsey200 I have same situation! Did you manage to resolve this?

  • http://profiles.google.com/eduncan911 Eric Duncan

    XAPs (pronounced “Zaps”) are applications packages for Microsoft Silverlight. The WP7 phone’s interface is 100% silverlight, running on top of the tried-but-tru Windows Mobile operating system (version 7.0 now, was 6.5). Just now the interface is 100% silverlight, as mentioned. Mucho better!

    So, all applications for WP7 phones are XAP packages. Which is basically just a zip file.

    To deploy them to the phone, you have 3 options:

    - Download from the Marketplace (fat chance this getting posted to Marketplace)
    - Purchase a Windows Phone Developer account for $99/yr on create.msdn.com (it really is easy to build apps from the free tools they give you!). Once you purchase it, you will have full access to load any XAP (application) directly onto your phone.
    - Attempt the ChevronWP7 unlocker (which only works on the older versions of OS, not the newer NoDo version of the OS with Copy-n-Paste – if you have Copy-n-Paste, don’t even attempt ChevronWP7). Details on hacking around it is on the xda forums. Once you have it unlocked, you can copy-n-paste the XAP onto the phone to install (somehow).

  • Anonymous

    so basically doing this costs $100.  Thx but no thx.

  • Skoolbooks

    What OS are you using? Do you have instruction on how to modify the Advance Label command on a PC with Windows7 64bit OS.  I’m not able to make changes under HTC USB Modem, Adavance in Port Settings.

  • ahmad taufiq

    bagaimana mengaktifkan kembali windows phone 7 saya setelah saya melakukan kesalahan menformat memory internal HTC 7 MOZART. dan sekarang malah tidak bisa di pakai.! mohon penjelasanya? terimakasih….!