Enable tethering on the LG Optimus 7

I guess that this was bound to happen sooner rather than later. You can enable tethering on the LG Optimus 7 in the same way that it is done on the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus. First you will have to enter the Diagnosis /MFG mode of the phone by dialing ##634# and taping call. Once it’s done the MFG application will appear in your phone’s application list. Launch the MFG app and enter the following code to unlock the diagnosis tools: 277634#*#. You will then see several option appear. Once you have done this download the LG Modem drivers here and follow the instructions below:

- Disable the Data connection in the phone’s Cellular setings
-Launch the MFGtools and select “USB Switching”
- Select QC Composite and the phone will reboot
- Once it’s done connect your phone to your PC and wait until the drivers are automatically re-installed
- Go into the “LGE CDMA USB Modem” settings and ad the following +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”xxxxxx ” (xxxxx=carriers name”)
and *99# as the call number.

To revert back to normal Zune mode just select MS Compiste in the MFG tools and your phone will reboot in normal mode.

via Smartphonefrance

  • Anonymous

    this must be a USA thing, because elsewhere in the world you can let your mobile phone share it’s internet connectivity by either apps from the hardware maker, carrier, or simply download the app yourself. all without being billed for the same bandwidth twice.

    only in America would they charge you for the app, then expect you to pay again for the functionality by asking for a “tethering fee” to share bandwidth you already paid for.

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Well it’s the same situation all over Europe too. Phones can tether (not the iPhone thought which has this feature locked by the carrier) but you “officially” have to pay for a tethering data plan (but there’s a simple way to bypass than). The issue here is that Tethering officially exposed in WP7 that’s why all those manipulations have to be done..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WAWFEHBSDR7CPLPMCPFG7JQUTM Killer B

    Of course the Mango update seems to kill the QC COMPOSITE driver

  • Richard

    Found the last couple of steps a bit tricky – use this link for more obvious commands as to where to put the +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”xxxxxx ” (xxxxx=carriers name”) command (note uk vodafone is “internet” for the xxxxxx) and set up the dial-up (look at all comments)