Enable USB Tethering on the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 phones..if you can

Here’s a little trick that will let you enable USB Tethering on the Samsung Omnia 7 ans Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 devices:

- Open the phone dialer and tap: dial ##634# and press call
-Once you are in diagnosis mode, dial: *#7284# and you will then have to select Tethered, Modem Call.
-Your device will then have to reboot. Once it is done just plug your device to you PC and and a Samsung driver should install automatically.
- Once it’s done just go to Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network Connections and should see the Samsung Omnia7 or Focus Modem connected.You will then have to change the settings of your Samsung Modem and add your carrier’s info. if required. Here are AT&T’s:
number: *99***1#
password: CINGULAR1

Unfortunately this is a pretty shady way to enable a feature and doesn’t work for everybody (doesn’t work for me with Windows 7 64bit, Samsung omnia 7 never shows up on the PC). If you want to connect to Zune you will have dial back into Diagnosis mode, Select Zune and reboot your device. I suggest you just wait for the official feature wish is supposedly coming in the next Windows Phone 7 update.

source: ForumGSMHosting & MobilityDigest

  • Davidk

    Here’s your missing driver: http://www.multiupload.com/F52Z66IIEI (from Long Zheng of istartedsomething)

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld


    I already had it installed (re-installed it just in case again) but nothing shows up in the control panel.

  • Anonymous

    For those with a problem tethering the Samsung Focus and using Windows 7 64 bit, here is a solution.

    I also am using Windows 7 64 bit, and have found a simple workaround. Follow the directions as posted for setting up tethering here: http://mobilitydigest.com/windows-phone-7-tethers-you-can-do-it-now-heres-how/ . Once the driver is installed, the author is correct, the Samsung Focus does not show up in the Connections. The Fix is as follows:

    Go to the Network and Sharing Center
    Click on Set up a new connection or network
    Click on Set up a dial-up connection (note this step will not work if the Focus is not connected)
    Enter the data as described in the tutorial
    Name your connection
    Apply the settings

    Now you have a working tethered Focus.

  • chrisGuest

    Thanks! Now I see the connection in my WIndows 7 64-bit notebook, but get error 628. On a Windows 7 32-bit notebook, I corrected this by adding the extra modem initialization string on the Samsung Modem / Properties / Hardware / Properties / Advanced tab: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”
    (Credit goes to DMahone on http://wmpoweruser.com/boom-tethering-on-the-samsung-focus-uncovered/.)
    Unfortunately, the “Extra initialization commands” box in disabled on my Windows 7 64-bit notebook.

  • chrisGuest

    Oh, solved my own problem.

    In Devices and Printers, right-click on the Samsung Mobile Modem device. Go to Properties / Hardware tab / Properties / General tab / Change settings / Advanced tab. Enter the following in the Extra initialization commands field:

    Select Ok, and then in Network Connections, right click on the new connection you created and select Connect.

  • Jeff

    Also running Windows 7 64 bit (x64) and everything worked beautifully after I got the right driver installed. The driver is the most important missing detail, and it wasn’t easy to find. Thanks for posting it here.

  • Arseny Kravchenko

    What about connecting a HTC HD7 as a modem? Do HD7 have a diagnosis mode? What number to dial?

  • Guest

    How about using a HTC HD7 as a modem? Do HD7 have a diagnosis mode? What to dial?

  • Guest

    How about using a HTC HD7 as a modem? Do HD7 have a diagnosis mode? What to dial?

  • Chris_jt

    Actually, that was me that came up with the solution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stiv.ostenberg Stiv Ostenberg

    Was able to install my driver after pointing the install folder to “Program Files x86″ instead of “Program Files”.

  • Davern64

    This worked on my Lenovo T410, thanks for the post.

  • http://www.error628.com/ Error628

    Its a good handset, sometimes while connecting with pc– error 628 appears but i fixed that error. Thanks for sharing this information. It was really helpful for me.

  • Fitim

    Can anyone tell me why my lap top doesn’t recognize my Samsung omnia 7 with Windows phone Mango, it appears an (Code 43) ?