Google Nexus S aka Nexus Two shows up in the wild

Bomm! Here are the first pictures of the Google Nexus Two…ermm Google Necus S that was first rumored here and then denied by Samsung later on. As you can see in the pictures the devices definitely looks like a regular Samsung Galaxy S as it was previously rumored. The only difference will be the fact that the Nexus S will run a Stock Android 2.3 ROM instead of the Samsung branded stuff. Like I said last time I don’t see how this can be a good thing. If the new Android developer/ base platform is the Samsung Hummingbird SoC how are other OEMs who use Qualcomm (HTC, SE etc..) or TI (Motorola) chipsets supposed to react? And the hird-party developers? What type of HW configuration are they supposed to aim for now? Fragmentation… More Pictures after the break:

Source: engadget

  • Diego!

    Nice!!! I hope they fix the hardware problem is having and release it asap! xD