Google Nexus Two launching on November 8th? Just a Samsung Galaxy S with Gingerbread?

Today’s hot rumor is the supposedly imminent launch of a Google Nexus Two on November 8th (the Windows Phone 7 US launch day) and according to the same source this mysterious phone is apparently only going to be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S running Gingerbread. Well, that’s kinda strange given that Google decided to dump the Nexus One just a few months after its debut because it wasn’t a commercial success at all. What’s more interesting is that if this turns out to be true (let’s say that this Nexus Two is just going to be a developer/showcase phone) isn’t this going to make the Android hardware fragmentation even worst? HTC’s handsets have Qualcomm SnapDragon chipsets, Motorola have TI OMAPs and Samsung uses its own Hummingbird SoC. Both Motorola’s and Samsung’sdevices have a SGX based GPUs unlike HTC (Adreno 2XX) . How is this going to be any good if the next Android developer phone singles out one manufacturer? Maybe I’m reading too much into lets just wait and see…

source: androidandme

  • JJ Murphy

    I say let them release it. If anything, it will push other manufacturers to push out gingerbread asap which is great for those of us on android until our contracts are up!