LG Optimus 7 officially announced


LG is apparently the first to officially unveil its Windows Phone 7 device today . The LG Optimus 7 (also known as the LG E900) is the companies first WP7 device and features all of what we have seen in the previous weeks: ScanSearch Augmented Reality, Voice-To-Text, DLNA, HD video recording (and 16:9 aspect ratio capture) etc.Here are the hardware specifications:

•125 x 59.8 x 11.5mm
•3.8” capacitive touchscreen
•1500mAh battery
•16Gb internal storage
•5Mp camera with LED Flash
•Bluetooth 2.1
•3.5mm headphone socket
•Proximity sensor
•Ambient Light sensor
•Digital Compass

No word on the chipset used thought… Check out my Hands-on Preview with video here.


The LG Optimus 7 represents the product of close work between LG and Microsoft to create a user-friendly handset that combined the glance and go experience of the Windows Phone 7 combined with the best features that are exclusive to LG devices. These include the DLNA-based Play To, augmented reality and Voice-to-Text, which can all be added as Live Tiles on the Windows Phone 7 to personalise your device and can be accessed via integrated “Hubs”.

The Optimus 7 was developed to fit at the heart of our digital lives. The Play-To feature was exclusively developed for the Optimus 7 to allow DLNA based multimedia-sharing. This allows users to access their multimedia including pictures, video and music via any DLNA compatible device meaning you can listen to the music on your phone through your favourite speakers or view you pictures on your TV.
The Optimus 7 exclusive Scansearch application utilises the latest in Augmented Reality technology to connect users to a world of information. Users can access real-time information about shopping, dining, weather, entertainment and banking, bringing together your online and offline worlds for an easier life.

The Voice-to-Text feature will be a godsend for text addicts, allowing voice to text transcribing for Facebook and Twitter updates, emails or memos for a convenient hands free experience.
The Optimus 7 allows users to access popular Microsoft services on the go including Xbox LIVE® and Zune® services. Consumers will have direct access to their favorite games and music, bringing all entertainment devices together for more convenient enjoyment.

Creating Digital Content
Optimus 7 users will be able to create and enjoy high quality digital content on the go with their handset. With 720p HD video resolution offers recording and playback of stunning visual quality and is ideal for sharing online on your social media channels, or offline on a TV using the Play To feature. You can even create a more cinematic feel using 16:9 aspect ratio capture.
The advanced 5MP camera offers a range of technological enhancements to help you capture the best images every time. Intelligent shot optimises all settings so you can capture the best shot automatically, whilst Panoramic Mode allows for stitching together a full 360-degree landscape scene

You can head over to the Google cached page for from info.

  • Eric95c

    This one seems to have a cool design and more memory than the Samsung. It has 16Gb which is good, I was worry no windows phone will have more than 8Gb…. I hope there will be some with 32GB also.
    It seems also that LG has developped many stuff for its own mobile phone and that’s great.