HTC Mozart specifications leaked: 8Mp Camera with Xenon Flash confirmed

Following last night’s HTC HD7 leak comes the HTC Mozart hardware specifications. The big deal here is the 8MP camera and Xenon flash that we all saw a few weeks ago in the leaked video and that are now confirmed on paper. The Mozart will sport a 3.7″ WVGA screen (compared to the 3.8″ on the HTC Mondrian / Spark/ Trophy and 4.3″ on the HTC HD7 / HD3), a 1ghz CPU (no word on the model thought), 1300mh battery and will have the following size: 119 x 60.5 x 11.9 mm. I find it interesting that HTC decided to differentiate this device with the higher MP camera (which is also capable of HD recording) and a Xenon flash (which is a first for HTC). More pictures after the break:

Now there’s only one HTC WP7 devices that we don’t know much about: the HTC T8788

Source: Engadget

  • Anonymous

    So, is this coming to EU, if so, this is gonna be mine at the end of this month :D

  • Anonymous

    oh wait, memory = 8GB :( . WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME HTC!

  • MobileTechWorld

    Haha yup only the LG Optimus 7 / E900 has 16GB. But remember that you can easily sync your WP7 phone with the Zune software using WiFi (it actualy fires up as soon as you plug the power-connector in the handset if you are at home) so it shouldn’t be too much pain to swap music and videos when you need it.

  • Anonymous

    I know, but when I take pictures on my phone, I like to be able to check them, instead of waiting for them to get to the cloud and vice versa. And since I will be using at least 6GB for music alone… I don’t think 8 GB is enough.

  • Diego!

    Wow!!! Nice device! If this is going to be released in Argentina, my country, I’m gonna go for it.

    If not, Samsung Cetus will be my next device.

    I have one question though, if HTC Mozart is going to be released as one of the first (if not THE FIRST from HTC) WP7 devices, shouldn’t be its camera 5MP? By the specifications is 8MP with Xenon Flash, so that could mean that its processor could be newer than QSD8250? Who can answer this please?