HTC's CEO talks about Sense on Windows Phone 7

Fiercewireless got some contradicting quotes from HTC’s CEO Peter Chou about Sense on Windows Phone 7.

HTC CEO Peter Chou said the smartphone vendor initially will be unable to bring its Sense UI onto its forthcoming Windows Phone 7 devices.

“Initially, we don’t have time to bring things on top of that,” he said. “But over time we will innovate on top of that to provide some HTC experience.”

This is contradicted by the video we saw a few days ago demonstrating the HTC Hub on an HTC Schubert / Mozart phone. And just to be clear: HTC will not be able to replace the WP7 OS UI anyway.

Chou then says:

“I don’t think we would do complete Sense UI on Windows Phone 7,” he said. “However, I will say that we will innovate differently to improve the experience and to get some HTC unique and differentiated experience on Windows Phone 7 in the future.”

This sounds closer to what we are all actually expecting. the fact is that HTC, like any other WP7 OEM, will only be able to add its own hub and applications / services to WP7. Nothing more…

source: Fiercewireless