HTC Sense Hub Shown on HTC Schubert device

It’s leaking folks! Here’s a video of the previously shown HTC Hub customization running on an actual device (which looks like the HTC Schubert / Mozart). I personally don’t really like what HTC has done in terms of UI design. It doesn’t seems to follow the guidelines at all. What do you guys think? Video after the break:


  • BucksterMcgee

    HTC did say they were going to do their own thing even though Microsoft locked down WP7, at least it looks cool. If that HTC phone with the giant speaker also has a keyboard, that baby will be mine. :D

  • Diego!

    Wow, the animations are amazing!!! I do agree though that it has little to do with WP7 design.
    But after all, it’s a cool hub. I like it. :)
    HTC Schubert is fast indeed!!! It’s like a mini-version of HTC Desire HD xD