Rumored HTC HD7 specifications look underwhelming

Take these with a grain of salt because if this turns out to be true then the HTC HD7 (or HTC HD3) will have exactly the same hardware specifications as the now, one year old, HTC HD2. The only difference being the 8gb of internal memory, the camera button and TI audio chip (for the SRS surround and Dolby Mobile support I guess). Disappointing right? Sure it is when you take into account that the supposedly lower-end HTC Schubert / Mozart has an 8MP camera with what looks like a Xenon flash and an SLCD screen and that the recently announced HTC Desire HD also features the 8MP sensor with the new Qualcomm MSM8255 SoC. I’m going to re-post what I said last night in the comments section here:

The MSM8X50A is actually the MSM8255 (Qualcomm renamed it and it now looks like 1.3ghz isn’t the base clock anymore but the max-clock. The default now being 1Ghz as seen in the Desire HD). Frankly the only real advantage (to the end user) with MSM8255 is the Adreno 205 GPU. But even then this won’t do much to the UX given that developer can’t even tap into it’s power because of the current lack of Programmable Shaders support in XNA. It also has improved video playback but once again this meaningless given that the Zune software will re-encode the videos to WVGA when transferring them to the device. All in all, as an end user you won’t see any difference between an MSM8255 and a QSD8250 with the current version of Windows Phone 7. But it would definitely be nice to have one once WP7 gets updated in a couple of months. It just sounds weird that HTC’s High-end WP7 device has lower-specs than it’s High-end Android which has a nearly identical hardware chassis.

I would like to make it clear that this doesn’t mean that the performance of the device won’t be good. The beauty here (with WP7) is that a lower speced WP7 device will probably be faster/snappier than a higher-speced Android handset because of the driver support (remember WP7 only support one hardware platform so the drivers are bound to be top notch). It just feels like HTC is shafting the end-user by selling the same piece of hardware one year later for a similar price just because it features a new OS.

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  • Ed

    It’s not only about the performances, it’s also about battery life. The new snapgradon is rumoured to have a much better battery life (it is 2 years newer, so i bet Qualcomm has brought some optimisations).
    HTC really disappointed me, they’re not pushing behind WP7 as much as they’re supporting Android. The Desire HD looks better hardware-wise.

  • MobileTechWorld

    The MSM8255′s improved power consumption principally comes from the fact that the chipset is fabed on a 45nm process (compared to 65nm for the QSD8250). And yes the HTC Desire HD has better hardware (if the HTC HD7/3 turn out to be true)..:-(

  • Jean Paul Malum

    I think HTC is getting greedy

  • BucksterMcgee

    I seen people suggest that when the HD2′s spec’s were released they were actually a fair bit lower than what the final product actually was. First, did that actually happen, and second, if so could the same thing be happening here?

  • MobileTechWorld

    IIRC the first HD2 prototypes had an 8MP camera (it was then downgraded to 5MP but there are still registry entries in the ROM mentioning 8MP) but only 320Mb of Ram (it was later released with 448Mb enabled and we later found out that it had even more..) So everything is still possible…But don’t hold your breath :-(

  • Gilles Dedisse

    I’m a bit disapointed by the specs …

    And you know, anybody could create such a specs sheet, it’s really no reliable source !