Real live pictures of the HTC HD7 / HTC HD3

Well ,look at this… Here are the first real live pictures of the HTC HD7 which is apparently also called the HTC HD3 . The device seems to have a kickstand too and matches the schematic view we saw ealier. More pictures after the break:

Ironically theses pictures were posted 3 days ago….

Via Mobile01 Thanks for the heads up Yann!

  • Anonymous

    I CAN HAZ?!!!

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, hopefully the specs are just placeholder, for the prototypes and the production version will have the desire HD internals :) . The 3rd picture, the black levals are incredible, especially compared to the htc in the back. Is it some sort of OLED :O?

  • MobileTechWorld

    I’m betting on an SLCD screen like the Deisre HD and Desire Z.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s dream indeed. My second opinion about the screen is that it’s probably not even an SLCD, given that the Desire HD doesn’t have it (look it up, not even mentioned on HTC’s site and promo video. Was put in the first promo video by mistake), and that the other phone in the picture is also an HD7 (look at the bottom of the phone, it’s got the same spare room for the mic). HTC, why are you letting us down? You need to step up your game, especially with SAMOLED and hummingburd powered competitors breathing down your neck!

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah there’s still some confusion around the panel used on the Desire HD. It was mentioned in the originals specs sheet (check the one I posted on Spet15) but never mentioned anywhere else (even the actual Desire Z epcs sheet doesn’t mention the SLCD panel). HTC did say during the event that both device feature SLCD panels thought so we will have to wait and see for ourselves.
    Regarding the use of Super-AMOLED..There’s nothing HTC can do about this given that Samsung is currently allocating all of its production of S-AMOLED panels to its own devices.
    Hummingbird is also out of the Windows Phone 7 because Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is the only Windows Phone 7 certified chipset right now. Given that the 8250 and 8255 re relatively identical I was expecting HTC to use it in some of its launch devices (it was mentioned in the HTC Mondrian ROM) but things are looking like all launch handset (from all OEMs) will only sport the 8250.

  • Anonymous

    Ofcourse, forgot about the timed exclusivity for Qualcomm. So we’ll have to wait to see the HD2′s of this generations OS. Still trying to fit the leaked HTC Mondrian in all of this. It looked like it would be the HD2′s successor, given the screen size and 1.3 GHz 2nd gen snapdragon (it was the MSM8650A if my memory serves me). Probably it’ll come some time down the road. Luckily for me I wasn’t planning on buying a launch device, given the fact that Holland won’t be given marketplace and Xbox Live acces until some time in 2011.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah the Mondrian is still a mystery. The MSM8X50A is actually the MSM8255 (Qualcomm renamed it and it also looks like 1.3ghz isn’t the base clock anymore but the max-clock. The default now being 1Ghz as seen in the Desire HD). Frankly the only real advantage (to the end user) with MSM8255 is the Adreno 205 GPU. But even then this won’t do much to the UX given that developer can’t even tap into it’s power because of the current lack of Programmable Shaders support in XNA. It also has improved video playback but once again this meaningless given that the Zune software will re-encode the videos to WVGA when transferring them to the device. All in all, as an end user you won’t see any difference between an MSM8255 and a QSD8250 with the current version of Windows Phone 7. But it would definitely be nice to have one once WP7 gets updated in a couple of months. It just sounds weird that HTC’s High-end WP7 device has lower-specs than it’s High-end Android which has a nrear identical hardware chassis.

  • Diego!

    So, finally!!! It looks great! Though I’m not very fond of that kickstand… I wish it had the one on the Verizon’s Desire HD…

    Anyway, it looks great and hopefully (I’m dreaming too) it will pack the new MSM8255 Qualcomm chipset with Adreno 205 :D

    Yaaay! Maybe by December we get the HTC HD4 with more power on it. ;)

  • JJ

    Monster sadness in my heart with the no WP7 coming to sprint this year:(