HTC HD7 Hands-on preview

This is the phone that everybody’s been waiting for and sure enough the HTC HD7 looks sexy as hell. On the hardware side there’s nothing new at all. This is basically an HTC HD2 with a new body and Windows Pone 7 installed on it. You have the same Qualcomm QSD8250 chipset clocked at 1Ghz, same 4.3″ TFT LCD screen (there’s no SLCD of this size yet), same camera etc.. THe device does feel a tiny bit lighter than it’s older brother but I don’t know for sure because several prototype models were on display (some were labeled HD3 other HD7 and other nothing) and they all had different weight. What’s new here is the Windows Phone 7 OS and the new Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround sound feature enabled by a TI chip (similar to the Desire HD, HTC 7 Trophy and HTC 7 Mozart). As you can see in the video below HTC’s WP7 devices will all feature the HTC HUB which will enable users to have access to an HTC section of the Marketplace and download HTC applications like the Stocks, Weather, Notes, Sound Equalizer etc. The most interesting thing about the HD7 is how fast and smooth it is compared to the similar speced HD2 (the US version of the HTC HD7 will have 16GB of internal storage compare to 8Gb in Europe). Software and good drivers make all the difference here. Video after the break (my hand was touching the bottom of the screen that’s why I was having a hard time when panning ;) :

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The HTC HD7 is certified for launch

The HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset that we are all expecting to see  in its official form tomorrow has received its global certification and should be ready for primetime later this months. Nearly all of the WP7 devices that we know about have been certified in the past few weeks. The only one that is missing is the mysterious Asus E600 that is apparently only going to be launched in early 2011. There are, as far as I know, only three device partners scheduled to launch Windows Phone 7 based devices this fall: LG, Samsung and HTC (that’s a total of 8 devices).

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T-Mobile HTC Schubert / HTC HD7 pictures revealed

Here’s what looks like the T-Mobile’s HTC Schubert aka HTC HD7/ HD3 which is supposedly launching on November 17th in the US. You will notice that the device features a slightly different design compared to the other shots with have seen before (this one seems to have a speaker grill under the three capacitive buttons at the bottom of the device). This version of the device will apparently also feature 16GB of internal storage (compared to 8GB on the European version).

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HTC HD7 / HD3 Rom and HTC Mozart Rom leaked

If you have followed closely the latest HTC HD7 leaks you probably know by now that the HTC HD7 / HD3 is the one and only HTC Schubert that we have been hearing about all along. The O2 branded ROM of the device has now been leaked by the good folks in China and is ready to be played with. Included in the Rom is the HTC Hub, HTC Photo Enhancer, HTC Connection Setup, HTC Converter, HTC Stocks and Sound Enhancer (I wonder why were the HTC Flashlight and HTC Notes  are gone..).

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Even more HTC HD7 / HTC HD3 pictures, specifications and video

Here are more HTC HD7 / HTC HD3 pictures and the first ever blurry video of the device in action. You can also see an updated specifications sheet alongside a quick size comparison of the HD7 vs the Samsung Galaxy S. Interestingly the processor type isn’t mentioned (only the CPU clock speed, which is 1GHz) so there’s still hope for all of us who are are expecting an MSM8255 SoC instead of the regular QSD8250 (but the lack of HSPA+ support points towards a QSD8250). The battery is also said to be 1300mha contrary to the 1230mha spec rumored earlier. More pictures and video after the break:

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One more picture of the HTC HD7 aka HTC HD3

The original source of the leaked HTC HD7 / HTC HD3 pictures we saw last week is apparently a litle bit pissed that his scoop got relayed all over the world without giving him credit so he decided to post a new watermarked shot of both prototypes to prove that he indeed have the handsets in his possession. Unfortunately nothing else new is said about the device. Looks sexy no?

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Rumored HTC HD7 specifications look underwhelming

Take these with a grain of salt because if this turns out to be true then the HTC HD7 (or HTC HD3) will have exactly the same hardware specifications as the now, one year old, HTC HD2. The only difference being the 8gb of internal memory, the camera button and TI audio chip (for the SRS surround and Dolby Mobile support I guess). Disappointing right? Sure it is when you take into account that the supposedly lower-end HTC Schubert / Mozart has an 8MP camera with what looks like a Xenon flash and an SLCD screen and that the recently announced HTC Desire HD also features the 8MP sensor with the new Qualcomm MSM8255 SoC. I’m going to re-post what I said last night in the comments section here:

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Real live pictures of the HTC HD7 / HTC HD3

Well ,look at this… Here are the first real live pictures of the HTC HD7 which is apparently also called the HTC HD3 . The device seems to have a kickstand too and matches the schematic view we saw ealier. More pictures after the break:

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HTC HD7 render and specifications leaks ?

Here’s the first render of the HTC HD7 (or HTC T878 or HTC 7 Trophy?)that we saw in schematic view this morning. The specifications of the device aren’t confirmed at all but look exactly like what everybody was expecting given the Windows Phone 7 minimum hardware requirements. The device apparently packs a Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon @ 1ghz, 8Gb of internal memory a 5Mp camera (not 8Mp?) and a 4.3″ screen. I personally find it strange that this supposedly high end device has lower specs than the recently announced HTC Desire HD (which has an MSM8255 and an 8Mp camera..). Keep in mind that this can all be fake…

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HTC HD7 schematic: fake or real ?

Here’s what is supposedly a schematic of the rumored HTC HD7. Take it with caution given that this can be easily faked (or just be another WP7 device from HTC other than the rumored HD7).  The front looks nearly identical to the HTC 7 Trophy with the hardware buttons below the screen. Just take a look at the HTC HD2, EVO4G or Desire HD and you will see that the their buttons are located in the same region but seem take less space compared to what we are seeing above. The screen is maybe a smaller than 4.3 this time around (or the schematic isn’t ver yaccurate) But I wouldn’t be surprised if HTC re-used the original HD2/ EVO4G or Desire HD chassis and just slapped WP7 on it. Other than that there isn’t much to say so let’s just wait a few days…

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HTC HD7 to be released on October 18th ?

The mysterious HTC HD7 is apparently going to hit the European market on October 18th if the O2 document pictured above turns out to be true. The device will go on sale for €599 without any strings attached or €79 with a 2 year contract (on Germany’s O2 network). We still don’t have any info on the HTC HD7 hardware but my guess is that it will either be the HTC T8788 (also rumored to be called the HTC Surround) or maybe the official name of the HTC Schubert / Mozart.
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HTC HD7 headed to T-Mobile alongside some accessories?

One more mention of the rumored HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device has popped-up today but this time the device is apparently hitting T-Mobile (remember the first time it showed up on O2). The picture above indicates that some HTC HD7 accessories will be available on the November 1st. You can see that there an HTC HD7 leather sleeve, a screen protector, Charge Sheel, etc.

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HTC HD7 rumor

Looks like we are about to get hit by a truckload of funky rumors (similar to the LG Appolo and HTC Obsession stuff…)before the official launch of Windows Phone 7 in October. The latest apparently appears in an O2 internal document (which is rather super easy to fake…maybe I should make vodafone one with an HTC TP7 listed in there…hmm) listing an HTC HD7 device as launching on October 18th (maybe this is the mysterious HTC NM8PC40100 or HTC T8788 device with the sliding speaker, remember that the HD2 is the T8585..). There’s isn’t much else to say here folks and don’t forget to check out my Windows Phone 7 application and vote for it!

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