Samsung Cetus, Samsung Focus, HTC Surround and 3 other Windows Phone 7 devices hitting AT&T this fall

According to Engadget’s sources AT&T is expected to launch 6 Windows Phone 7 handsets this fall. The Samsung Cetus i917 which we already heard about, the Samsung Focus which I guess is the Samsung i8700 we saw lately, the HTC Surround which may be the HTC T8788 and 3 other device. If I had to guess I would say that the LG E900 and LG C900 are 2 of the unnamed devices and probably an other HTC handset (the HTC Schubert which has been spotted on ATT’s network ) but there’s no sign of the Dell Lightning.This should come as a surprise to anyone after the statement that AT&T will be the lead Windows Phone 7 launch partner in the US. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also headed to the carrier’s roster.

Source: Engadget 

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