Traces of LTE Nokia Lumia 800 found in diagnostic tools

Rumors of an AT&T bound LTE version of the Nokia Lumia 800 have been making the rounds lately even though the latest FCC filling was only for the “regular” US 3G version of the device (RM-819). Hidden menus found in the Nokia Diagnostic Tools finally confirm that Nokia and AT&T may be currently testing an LTE version of the handset. As you can see in the screenshot below LTE Bands 4 and 17 are supported and those are the ones owned by AT&T in the US.

Traces of a CDMA radio support are also present but they may have currently nothing to do with Verizon and are probably simple a side effect of the MDM9600 multi-modem used in the handset which supports GSM/LTE/CDMA. I’m guessing that everything should be reveled on January 9th. More importantly though, Nokia should really fix the atrocious battery bugs in the regular Lumia 800 before even thinking of releasing new handsets which may be plagued by the same issues.

source: Nanapho