Nokia Lumia 800 face off

Long story short: I now own two Nokia Lumia 800 phones. The one you see on the left was supposed to arrive a long while ago but got lost in translation so I bought my own a bit more than a week ago (the one on the left). Oh well never mind I guess I paid for one (on contract and finally got the other one free. Anyway the first thing I obviously did was to try to reproduced all the issues I have discussed in my previous post and sure enough they are all present on the second handset. That a good thing I guess because this implies that they are present on all handset and can most probably be fixed by a firmware update. There one big different between the two handset (which have exactly the same firmware, hardware revision number etc: The screen on the second Lumia 800 doesn’t exhibit the yellowish thin of the first one (the whites are brighter which means that the battery will be drained faster). I check the phone’s serial number and it seems like they are not from the same batch so the AMOLED panel is either not setup the same way or is also from a different manufacturing run (Both are Carrier branded but not by the same one..). Check out the picture below:

I personally still don’t know which one I prefer because the first one have more accurate overall color reproduction compared to the second device but I also do prefer to have a real white color too. I’m just nit picking though. More to come…

  • Maxi

    Interesting read, i can confirm the two different screens as i had to return my first one as there was a problem with the speaker phone. My first one had a rather noticeably annoying pink tint when set on medium or low brightness and had the spontaneously jumpy screen digitizer issue. My screen on my second one looks much better, much better white balance (and more accurate colour reproduction) and doesn’t have the spontaneously jumpy screen digitizer issue but seems to have bad battery life :(

    I think my second one looks somewhere in-between both of yours.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re interested in ridding yourself of one of the phones, I’m open :)