Skype for Windows Phone 7 still scheduled to be released this year

It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Windows Phone 7 version of Skype which was announced back in April during the MIX11 developer event. Now that the first Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handsets equipped with front facing camera are starting to hit the shelves many users are eagerly waiting for the application to be released. Unfortunately front facing camera support has not been confirmed yet but it’s same to assume that it will be present from the get go but, obviously, only available on compatible devices.

Microsoft, who was present and at an HTC Ultimate event has confirmed that the Skype application is still on schedule to launch this year but apparently didn’t give any more info. Now that Skype is part of Microsoft it should only be logical to see it soon rather than later and also hopefully fully integrated in a future version of the OS similar to the current Twitter and Facebook integration.

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  • Anonymous

    Full integration will probably not make till Apollo, sadly. They should just open up a plugin API for third parties to integrate themselves into the hubs. Ie. Google Talk in Messaging hub, Flickr in Pictures hub, Google+ in People hub.

    Likewise, Pandora could integrate itself into Music and Videos, as well as Spotify, Rdio, etc.

  • Anonymous

    There is a plugin API that allows apps to integrate themselves into the Music + Videos hub and the Pictures hub. However, I don’t think a plugin API exists for Messaging.

  • skype for wp7?

    when is skype for WP7 mango going to be released ?

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft is too strict with the security of phone. They need to allow developers more freedom to do what the need instead of these same cookie-cutter apps that are not needed and waste of time. A Serious Developer is more-than likely will develop apps where s/he can showcase their talent than just half-a$$ it.

    Microsoft is just way too strict and is the reason why the windows phone will not be bigger than the iphone.

  • Jojo

    RUMOR :D
    I can almost hear the quake3 off voice: DENIIIIIIED!!

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  • Guest

    01-08-2012 still no Skype for WP7

  • Albert

    jan 13 2012, and still no Skype for Windows Mobile 7.5 :(