Sharing Music and Videos with Messenger in Windows Phone 7 Mango

Here’s a Mango feature that I wasn’t aware off: Music and Video sharing via Messenger. As you probably already know the Messenger integration in the Windows Phone 7 Mango (build 7712) allows you to share pictures with your chat buddies but what you may not know (and I personally didn’t, so thanks to Nathaniel for giving me the heads up on this one) is that you can share music files (wma/mp3) and videos files (wmw/mp4) from a PC to a windows Phone on Messenger. As you will see in the video demo I shot below the files are downloaded to the phone and can then be played back from there.They are unfortunately not saved to the Music & Video hub so you will only show up in their respective Messenger thread (they will be gone from your phone when you delete the conversation thread. Video after the break:

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  • Remotepath

    music player without, album artwork is really not good looking, hope they fix it

  • Todor Tsvetkov

    Cool! But can someone tell me how to enable the Messenger integration? I though it will be in the Messaging settings (like the Facebook chat) but there is nothing. =

  • Samuel Herrera

    WTF? MS just keeps on sucking! Why in the world would you not allow content to be sent from phone to phone and why will it not save to the phone. Talk about lame!

  • Todor Tsvetkov

    It’s logical that music cant be sent from phone to phone … but video is another matter. But you can send pictures … witch is O.K. …