XNA games no longer limited to 30fps in Windows Phone Mango

Don’t know how I missed that but Windows Phone 7 games developed using XNA will no longer be limited to 30fps in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. 30hz will still be the default when starting a new project but the developer will have the option to change this and let the game sync with the devices display refresh rate which is usually  58/60hz on the current handsets:

The XNA Framework on Windows Phone OS 7.1 supports the native device refresh rate, up to 60 Hz. If you set the PresentationParameters.PresentationInterval property to PresentInterval.One, then the PresentInterval.One value is used, targeting the native device refresh rate.

Hopefully games which are already on the Marketplace like Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds will be updated this fall to reflect this change.

Source: Microsoft Thanks for the heads up Katsura

  • Juan

    YAY!! Finally!! Thankyou microsoft :D

  • http://twitter.com/efjay01 Ef Jay

    Hydro Thunder also needs an update. Probably wont see any dev go back and update old games though.

  • http://www.phonetitan.com Phone Titan

    That will improve quite a few games and when Microsoft bring out some FPS, then it will make all of the difference.

  • M Legros1

    it works well with the emulator but doen’t work with hardware device  !!

  • M Legros1

    i’am sorry, it’s working well ,
    i have tried to set directly the intance of graphicsDeviceManager.PresentationParameters.PresentationInterval  , this is a wrong way .

    it just do this :
    graphics =new GraphicsDeviceManager(this);
    graphics =new GraphicsDeviceManager(this);
    graphics.PreparingDeviceSettings += (s, e) => { e.GraphicsDeviceInformation.PresentationParameters.PresentationInterval =PresentInterval.One; };PresentInterval.One; };