Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 finally released

We can finally put an end to the ongoing Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 release date drama (see related posts below) as today marks the official launch day of Rovio’s massively successful game on Microsoft’s mobile platform. Angry Birds is now available on the Market place for $2.99 and is Xbox Live enable with Achievements and leader boards. The game is identical to the what was already out on other platforms so be prepared to play exactly the same levels (165 of them ) if you have already experienced it on an other mobile device.

You can download it directly from here. I’m going to shoot a comparison video of the game on Windows Phone 7 and Android in a few minutes.

Update: Here’s the video

  • Soosan

    The exact same levels is pretty terrible actually. Unless you’re the creator of Chicks ‘n Vixens that is.

  • Techtacy

    the physics is not exatly the same like andorid.. some things is better and some not.. what is your opinion?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Framerate is unfortunately lower on Windows Phone because XNA games are limited to 30fps while the Android version is running at 60fps. I going to shoot a video of the game running side by side on WP7 and Android (on the HTC Sensation) shortly.

  • Anonymous

    Why bother?  Chicks ‘n Vixens is free, awesome, and came out months ago.  Personally, I’ve had my fill of this type of game so I won’t even bother with the trial.