More Windows Phone 7 Mango features unveiled: Messenger and Facebook chat, WiFi hotspot, Office 365

More Windows Phone 7 / Windows Phone 7.5 Mango features have just been unveiled again by the Windows Phone development podcast. As I said in a previous post; Mango is going to matter. We have confirmation today that this release will finally include Windows Live Messenger and Facebook chat support in the People Hub alongside native support for check-ins a handful of other additions that are sure to make everybody happy. Hit the break for all the info.

- Sms and Email group messaging will now also be supported in the Windows Phone 7.5. Currently it is only possible to set a message to several recipients by manually adding them every time you wish to group message. It will now be possible to create groups before hand to quickly to this task:

- Microsoft’s Office 365 will apparently be fully supported in the Office hub in Mango:

- Visual voice mail will also be supported in the OS via the Open Mobile Terminal Platform protocol OMTP similar to Android and iOS.

- Another nice addition is the support for WiFi hotspot via Microsoft’s own NCIS (Network Communication and Information Systems). Still no word on USB tethering (even though it’s already supported by the OS see here)

- The lockscreen wallpaper will be able to be set to the current play artist similar to what was possible on the Zune HD player:

- The Xbox games hub also gets a facelift as previously seen during the MIX11 demos:

You can expect more info and hands-on impression once I get to see Mango up close on May 24th but in the mean time click on the related Posts links below for all the info on Mango’s currently known features.

source: WP dev podcast

  • TroyGates

    If Microsoft can pull off huge OS updates like Mango every year, its going to catapult ahead of iOS and Android easily. No wonder the analysts are predicting it being in 2nd place in a couple years.

  • MobileTechWorld

     Yes Mango is going to be huge. Let’s just hope that their won’t be any execution issues (delays).

  • Anonymous

    I think I’d be happier if they broke up Mango into two updates, one coming in July/August, the other coming in the fall, instead of making us wait so long for one big update. The platform has bugs and problems early adopters have had to deal with since day one. Making them wait a whole year for basic bug fixes is not exactly the way to keep your most loyal customers happy.

  • Anon

    Looks like a nice update!

  • Viruela22

    Hello Daou, need to know if what we want to update the phone with chris walshie
    tool and then update without problems to 7392 version, we use the latest
    solution or the new tool of chris? Thank you