Native Check-ins support coming to Windows Phone 7 Mango ?

Here’s an interesting tweet that suggests that check-ins (similar to Foursquare, Facebook, Gowalla) are probably supported natively now in Windows Phone 7 via a new Windows Live service. As of right now, the Windows Live integration in Windows Phone 7 is in my opinion severally lacking (I’ve discussed this in my WP7 review here) so it’s only safe to assume that an update to the WLIVE integration on the way with Mango.

Microsoft has yet to announce most of the newly supported services and cloud based features that will be part of the Mango update later this year but we have already seen hints of new Bing search features not long ago.

source: Twitter thanks Clubdirthill!

  • Anonymous

    GPS is one of the best and worst features to be integrated into smartphones. One one hand, it’s obviously great for navigating, finding local businesses, and geotagging photos. On the other hand it is really annoying when integrated into social networking IMO. It’s one thing to use it when organizing a get together with your friends, but I’ve seen some people just update their location without typing anything remotely interesting.

    Now people are complaining about how Android and iPhones are storing GPS data and that this info might be compromised and used against the smartphone owner. Really? How did people think this wasn’t happening? Didn’t anyone ever notice that map applications show your last location (among other things) when you re-open the app? How stupid are some people?

    Rrrrrrr! [/rant]