Windows Phone 7 NoDo roll out starting today: Full Change Log

Microsoft has just started the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update roll out to a select number of handsets a few hours ago. The first users who will get notified of the update will apparently be owners of non-carrier branded handsets though. My unbranded Samsung Omnia 7 still didn’t get prompted to update but I wouldn’t be surprised if us Samsung owners got it a little bit later given past history (but don’t quote me on that though, it’s just an assumption on my part). Anyway, Microsoft has also posted the full change-log which you can read after the break:

OS version: 7.0.7390.0

Copy & paste. You asked for it—now it’s here. Just tap a word and drag the arrows to copy and paste it on your phone. You can copy text from emails, text messages, web pages, and Office Mobile documents, and paste it anywhere you can type. To learn more, see Copy & paste.

Faster apps and games. Nobody likes to wait. That’s why we’ve whittled down the time it takes for apps and games to start up and resume. It’s all part of our focus on getting you to the things you love, easier and faster.

Better Marketplace search. We’ve streamlined Marketplace search to make it easier to find specific apps, games, or music. Press the Search button in the Apps or Games section of Marketplace and you’ll see only apps or games in the results. Press Search in the Music section of Marketplace to search just the music catalog.

Other Marketplace improvements. We’ve improved the stability of Marketplace while you download apps. We’ve also improved the experience of downloading apps larger than 20 megabytes, upgrading from trial apps to paid apps, using a credit card with an address outside the United States, sharing links to apps via email, sorting Xbox LIVE games by release date, and creating an Xbox LIVE account from within the Games Hub.

Wi-Fi improvements. We now display your phone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address in Settings. (You might need this info if you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network that uses MAC address filtering. To learn more, see Connect to a Wi-Fi network.) We’ve also removed the limit on the number of Wi-Fi profiles that you can store and reduced the time it takes to start your phone if you’ve stored lots of Wi-Fi profiles.

Outlook improvements. We’ve improved the experience of viewing iPhone photo attachments you receive from a non-Exchange-based email account (such as a Google Mail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail account), using the Global Address List (GAL) when connecting to Exchange Server 2003 using Exchange ActiveSync, and working with email display names that contain brackets (for example, “David Alexander [Contoso]“).

Messaging improvements. We’ve improved the experience of receiving Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages if your phone uses a PIN-locked SIM.

Facebook integration. We’ve improved the experience of syncing Facebook accounts.

Camera improvements. We’ve improved the stability of switching between camera and video modes.

Audio improvements. We’ve improved the experience of using a Bluetooth headset to make calls when you’re playing music or videos.

Other performance improvements. This month’s update also includes software from several phone manufacturers that improves the performance of specific models. Naturally, if you don’t have one of the affected models, we won’t install this portion of the update on your phone.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope they learn from this whole debacle to make future updates a much better experience. They really dropped the baton on this one. Still, I’m cautiously optimistic that MS can fulfill the promises of WP7.

  • Ccmd_232

    Me too, no update notifications yet. Unbranded Samsung Omnia 7.

  • Tom W

    Thanks for the linkback :/

  • MobileTechWorld

    Care to elaborate?

  • Rob

    Update is installing right now! Nice!

  • Culblu

    Got my update in Canada on Telus using HTC Surround with no problems. Thanks Microsoft. All I got was no-do though, no copy & paste & all the wonderful updates Microsoft mentions. Just glad I got that finally!

  • MobileTechWorld

    hold on. So you only got the 7008 update?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Wish device do you have?

  • Gust3

    I was wondering. Is this update sufficient when compared to updates from iPhone or Android? Does it bring WP7 to feature parity? Does it eliminate persistent bugs? I don’t own it, but I’m curious about this update.

  • MobileTechWorld

    “Is this update sufficient when compared to updates from iPhone or Android?”
    Depends on what you qualify as a “sufficient”update ;-)
    “Does it bring WP7 to feature parity?”
    “Does it eliminate persistent bugs?”
    Yes but not ll of them.

  • Anon

    omnia 7 on orange UK, still no prompt for pre nodo update :(

  • grantgg

    How about joining a Hidden WiFi connection?! This is a very important issue to FIX!

  • MobileTechWorld


  • Gjr5088

    same – no pre nodo or no yet

  • Rob

    HTC HD7

  • Anon

    I don’t get why we still have no custom ringtones or saved camera/video settings. Two important fixes that customers really want. This update does have some nice enhancements, but the whole process is excruuuuciatingly slowwww. I want all the updates now plz.

  • Tom McKee

    From MS “Where’s my phone update: Stage 2: Scheduling
    Operator testing is complete, and Microsoft is scheduling the update for delivery. This phase typically lasts 10 days or less.

  • Sidney Raymon

    woohoo! ive got my nodo updates! ive got feb update, now march is finishing up. Just wait for the update people i ended up trying to manually doing it today by using the files provided by samsung firmware site, but it got me so frustrated and confused because of errors. I unfortunately  had the bootloader version that has issues when you use three button set up to put it into download mode.  Thankfully this evening i get this message saying theres an update, i was playing a game…i thought its the game update or something ..i had my usb plug in, luckily i never took my usb plug out because it was just starting…i must have clicked yes seeing the zune page ..i just glanced at it thinking its some zune message saying to renew my pass but the updating was in full swing lol …ahhh finally!