Motorola Xoom launching on February 24th and HTC Thunderbolt on Feb 14th

According to Best Buy’s Facebook page the hotly anticipated Android 3.0 powered Motorola Xoom tablet is going to launch on February 24th just ten days after the launch of Verzion’s HTC Thunderbolt on February 14th (just one day after AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G). Hate it or love it but 2011 is shaping up to be Android’s year. With Microsoft’s ineptitude to update Windows Phone 7 in a timely fashion (and communicate a clear roadmap) Google is freely steamrolling on the competition.

source: Best Buy via engadget

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree, WP7 updates are not in a timely manner and the buzz around WP7 is on a low roar. Android is out the gate with fire and IPhone is getting all the attention with going to Verizon. Microsoft has got to get back in the game. Starting at MWC by announcing a partnership with Nokia and then the updates that are to come in time.