Updated Windows Phone 7 developer SDK with copy and paste support coming out today ?

According Microsoft’s Brandon Watson an update to the Windows Phone 7 SDK will be released today and included a new emulator image featuring the much needed copy and paste feature.

The update coming out late Thursday or Early Friday will be involving a new OS image, which will include Copy Paste Assistance for developers, and hints to a OS update in the coming month. We assume by the end of Feb. Early March.

This is a rather vague statement here. So the first OS update..or should I say FIX is now coming out at the end of February or in March? Oh and the SDK update doesn’t even include any new APIs. Nice job Microsoft! Doesn’t matter that you getting steamrolled by Google’s Android right?

UPDATE: The new SDK is now out.

source: PPCGeeks via WMPoweruser

  • Anonymous

    Now this is great news. Make an announcement for the world to know.

  • Eoa

    Microsoft is so slow at updating WP7, it’s getting really depressing…

  • Anonymous

    What MS needs to do, if cut and paste will be worth a damn, is to include some cloud functionality to Word and Excel Mobile. I don’t even bother with those apps because you really can’t get them off your phone, aside from email. No IE Silverlight also means no upload via Live website (SkyDrive). Also, I’d love to see MS amend the keyboard so that it includes arrows for easier cursor placement.

  • Andrew

    Why the harsh tone, blog writer? You don’t need to sound so dickish.

  • Laddo

    Keyboard cursor arrows please!