Flickr for Windows Phone 7 video review

Yahoo has finally released the official Windows Phone 7 Flickr application just 3 days after the initially announced launch date. The application is obviously free to download in the Marketplace right now and is in my opinion one of the most feature rich WP7 application to date. The only problem is that it’s really slow at fetching thumbnails data from the cloud and not really responsive (like the vast majority of the WP7 applications). It also doesn’t run under the locks-screen which is really annoying (especially when you are uploading photos…). I really hope that Yahoo will work on an update to fix the error message, improve the UI performance and that Microsoft is planning on seriously improving Silverlight on WP7 in the coming months. Anyway, check out the 8 minutes long video after the break:

It will be interesting to see if the improved loading enhancement in the upcoming Nodo update will have any effect on the application’s sluggishness. The companion Windows 7 application is also now available here. It’s a out of the browser Silverlight application similar to the Mosaic By Tribune RSS reader released yesterday. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work quite right with the mouse and apparently requires a touchscreen.

UPDATE: I’m now stuck in endless crash mode after attempting to access the camera roll to upload photo and because the app save your application state to the cloud (and reloads it every time you launch the app) it no longer boots up. Just got informed by the devs that the endless crash issue has been partially fixed (I can now re-launch the app!) and that a permanent fix is on the way. The team is still working hard on the other bugs. That’s what I call great support!