Mosaic By Tribune RSS reader for Windows 7 Slates with Metro UI released

Remember the fancy looking Mosaic By Tribune RSS reader announced for Windows 7 slates and Windows Phone 7 back in Las Vegas a few weeks ago? Well, the beta of the Windows 7 version is now available for download (unlike the Flickr application which was supposed to launch yesterday). This is actually a out-of-the-browser Silverlight application that only weights a few Kb and that you will be able to pin to your task bar juts like any other third-party app. The whole thing uses the Metro UI and definitely feels like using a WP7 application directly on a PC but with the added screen real estate as a bonus. It works with touch or with your mouse so you shouldn’t have any problem navigating through the news stories.

Once the application also makes use of the pivot navigation control on the left side of the screen as seen in the screenshot below:

You also have the ability to be geo-located by the application to get a displayof your local weather & news reports and also add you favorite RSS feeds (this is a bit buggy right now).

The Windows Phone 7 version isn’t out yet but given that both are based on Silverlight we can expect them to be quite similar.

Grab it directly from here and give it a try especially if you have a Windows7 (or Vista) tablet PC. IT has a nice little Courier (RIP) feel to it so this is hopefully how Windows 8′s future Jupiter based UI will look like.

  • Viruela22

    yesterday the download I’m using in my windows 7, also put this and other sites in Favorites and works great, similar to the application for facebook telerik

  • Peg Bettano

    Pretty nice I’m using it on a Vista laptop.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup it’s quite similar to Telerik.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Regular laptop or Tablet PC?

  • Anonymous

    I really need a newsreader on my WP7, but I think I’ll hold out for this. It looks great.