Samsung Galaxy S 2 to be announced on February 13th

Samsung has just unveiled that they will announce what looks like the Samsung Galaxy S 2 / Samsung i9100 (Samsung Galaxy S II)  on February 13th in Barcelona a few hours before MWC starts. The device is expected to feature the company’s new Super AMOLED Plus display and Orion Dual-Core SoC. The company held a similar event last year on the same day to unveiled the Samsung Wave and its Bada platform, but this one seems to be focus on Android though.

You can expect a boatload of announcements from Samsung during this year’s event: Bada 2.0, new Android handsets and hopefully the Samsung i7850 Omnia 8 and 4G Windows Phone 7 handsets. I’ll make sure to shoot tons of videos and pictures…

via Samsung

  • Arash

    Stupid, Why would you want a dual-core SoC and that powerful(!) when there’s no app for it? And samsung will probably do its best to ship the shittiest possible driver with it.

  • Anonymous

    hey ass or is it arash ? do us a favor and don’t buy it.

  • Arash