Samsung to announce 4G Windows Phone 7 devices and Dual Core Android handsets at MWC

According to Samsung mobile chief, J.K. Shin, we can expect the company to announce dual-core powered Android handsets (probably the Samsing GT-i9100) and the first 4G enabled Windows Phone 7 devices next month during MWC in Barcelona. Samsung, who is has recently announced sells of over 10 Million Samsung Galaxy S phones, expects to sell over 50 million smartphones in 2011 (2x what was sold in 2010). Contrary to popular belief (based on a dodgy translation), Samsung is not going to manufacture more WP7 devices than Android handsets this year as seen with alflood of Android product announcement they have done durung CES.The company is also expected to announce Bada 2.0 on the same day. Watch out for some live hands-on coverage of MWC here on MobileTechWorld. (yes I’ll be there..).

via: WSJ