Android 2.4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich coming out this summer

The next iteration of google smartphone OS is supposedly being code-named Ice Cream Sandwich and should logically be ready in time for a summer release ( Ice Cream sort off hits at a summer release). This obviously means that you won’t see it being pushed as an update to eligible handset before next fall if history is any indication. As you probably know by now, Android 3.0 is strictly aimed and Tablets for the time being to the poor smartphones will apparently only get  an small update in the form of Android 2.4 instead. It will really be interesting to see how Google manages this whole eco-system fragmentation now that they will have essentially two different versions of the same OS with vastly different UI structures pushed out at nearly the same time.

source: Techcrunch

  • Dan

    Android updates are a joke, who actually gets them? If you want the new version of Android you are almost better off buying the phone with it already installed, or rooting your phone and installing it yourself….the carriers and hardware mfg are a joke….