Android 3.0 Honeycomb UI video walkthrough

Here is a couple of Android 3.0 Honeycomb videos demonstrating several parts of the new tablet oriented OS that we saw unveiled yesterday. You will get to see all of the major functionalities of the OS without any voice over explaining what is really going on (though it’s really had to understand..). These videos are actually what is being shown on the Motorola Xoom and LG G-Slate Tegra 2 powered tablets that were unveiled in Las Vegas. The press wasn’t allowed to play with the devices so Google decided to playback the following videos on them so that everybody can get an idea of what it will look like :

Lets start with and overview of the Homescreen:


Google Maps 5 (same version that is available on current Android devices):


Google Talk:


Looks nice, no ? Google is really on a roll here and 2011 looks to be year of the Android tablets and smartphones. Microsoft still has a long to go before offering something competitive in the consumer tablet segment and we will probably have to wait until Windows 8 materializes before seeing anything major. The Asus EP121 Windows 7 tablet is really nice in terms of hardware specifications (IPS screen, Gorrilla Glass, Core i5 Sandy Bridge, SSD drive, Wacom Digitizer) but it’s not aimed at the same market at all. Wouldn’t mind getting one if I had the money though…. In the mean time Google and Apple are going to rule the market.

  • Anonymous

    UI is pretty clunky. I like the browser tabs. Next to WP7, all smartphone UIs are pretty dull. WP7 may lack all of these options, but the streamlined METRO really goes a long way to earning some respect.

  • Ckeledjian

    The UI is rather disorganized and chaotic. It’s more a collection of widgets than a UI. I can see it becoming a nightmare as more content and widgets are added. I don’t see this are the next generation in user interfaces, more like more of the same because it does not present a solution to keep content organized and presented in its optimal way. Please will spend more time organizing the desktop than doing actual stuff.