Will Pandora for Windows Phone 7 support Multi-Tasking?

According Microsoft’s “Media Experience Evangelist” Michael Scherotter who spoke at Sprint’s Developers Conference yesterday in Santa Clara, the Windows Phone 7 version Pandora will supposedly support multi-tasking and allow music to be played in the background similar to the built-in Zune player  UPDATE: You got to love half-assed journalism…Michael Scherotter just commented on the articke saying that only the Zune Player can Multi-Task.. He latter said that other third-party application will also be able the multi-task but didn’t give any more information.

If this turns out to be true I would expect the Spotify application to also be multi-tasking enabled when it launches. I’m guessing that Microsoft will follow in Apple’s footsteps and allow only certain type of applications to have this features in a future OS update next year.

source: NetWorkWorld via wpcentral

  • BucksterMcgee

    Yar, it’s also why some Exec’s have said that Pandora would be able to multi task for months now. They just didn’t want to make a loud annoucement until they could have something more tangible to release. From what I’ve seen, first they will allow select 3rd parties to have multitasking and other special benefits. For example adobe will be allowed to work with the bare metal code, while everyone else has to play in the sandbox. Eventually though, they will release full 3rd party multitasking, once they’ve collected enough data from how apps have been running on the phones, and getting enough feedback to exactly what 3rd parties want to be doing with multitasking. I don’t think we will ever see full multitasking like on WinMo 6 and Android, as they cause more trouble then they are worth. Maybe with the release of dual core CPUs that will happen, but until then it’s best to protect the general population from ourselves.

  • http://bit.ly/samirsshah ???? ???

    I am happy that there is Google, giving me complete freedom to do what I want to do with my phone. I am happy that there is Apple which has taken an opposite approach and I am happy that there is Microsoft in the middle. I HAVE CHOICE.

    Coming back to the point, Pandora multitasking is a great idea.

  • http://twitter.com/lechiffr3 Le Chiffre

    at least there is hope, so this is good news, beer all around :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ckeledjian Charles Keledjian

    I think that the multitasking issue has been exhagerated too much. Of course the phone multitasks, it’s based on Windows CE. The point here is that Microsoft wants to be extra careful on how they implement multitasking on a phone with limited power and battery, and what ‘multitasking’ means. If the application will not be seen when you switch to another, there is no point on keeping it in the background using CPU, memory and battery, so just suspend it. If the application would need to be running just to receive real time or near real time notification, have the app use push notifications and be ‘awaken’ only when an update is received. The only other multitasking application would be streaming music, but in this case, why don’t just use the zune player and provide 3rd party developers an API to remote control it, and a plug in mechanism to load any required codec. Then you could develop a Pandora app that will only run when it is the foreground, will present is own UI and remote control the zune player to play music (just send the played the link with the song to stream), and then you could continue listening to music in the background. What I mean is that there are betters ways than just opening a pandora box and letting everybody multitask at will in our phones. We know from experience that many application developers care little about how much their app uses up our memory and slows down our system. I think Microsoft is just trying to figure out a smarter way to do it.

  • BOB

    you are an idiot. the phone does have multi-tasking