Spotify is out, Sounhound is free and Deezer has been updated

Music aficionados have been served today on Windows Phone 7 with the release of Spotify. The music streaming app features everything you can expect from it and is fully Mango compatible which means that it takes advantage of the new background tasking APIs and Live tile goodness. You can download for free from here but remember that are now required to link your Spotify account to your Facebook account..annoying I know..

Tired of Shazam and the fact that it’s no longer free? Want more than what the superb Bing Music feature has to offer (which is only a link to the Zune Marketplace right)? SoundHound has come to the rescue! It’s has finally been released on Windows Phone 7 and lets you tag an unlimited number of songs for free. It also fetch the songs lyrics for you in the blink of an eye. The application is also Mangofied and gives you the option to pin the sound tagging features directly on your start screen (no need to open the app and then tag a song now). You can get it here.

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Spotify for Windows Phone 7 coming today

According to the folks who are attending the Mango launch event in today, the long awaited Spotify application for Windows Phone 7 application is ready to hit the marketplace today. They’ve also shot a short hands-on video of it in action:

UPDATE: Spotify is now available here!
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Watch the MIX11 Windows Phone 7 Mango, Silverlight 5 and Kinect SDK keynote

Here’s your chance to watch yesterday’s MIX11 keynote about Mango, Silverlight 5 and the Kinect SDK. I’ve already talked about most of what was announced here (besides the SIMD / NEON stuff that wasn’t part of the keynote). So just grab some drinks and hit the break to watch the 2 hours long event.

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All about the new Windows Phone 7 Mango features

Most of the new features which are going to be introduced in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Mango update have just been demonstrated on stage during the MIX11 keynote. So in case you didn’t check it out here’s a compilation of the most important features that you can expect to see on your Windows Phone 7 device later this year.

First lest start with something that wasn’t talked about during the Keynote: SIMD / ARM NEON support in Mango. As you probably know all Windows Phone 7 devices are powered by an AMRv7 Qualcomm QSD8250 SoC which also features support for NEON instructions. Unfortunately the current version of WP7 doesn’t have support for these SIMD functions but this is going to change in the coming months (only for XNA apps):

ARM processors support SIMD (Single Instructions Multiple Data) instructions through the ARM® NEON™technology that is available on ARMV7 ISA. SIMD allows parallelization/HW-acceleration of some operations and hence performance gains. Since the Windows Phone 7 chassis specification requires ARMV7-A; NEON is available by default on all WP7 devices. However, the CLR on Windows Phone 7 (NETCF) did not utilize this hardware functionality and hence it was not available to the managed application developers. We just announced in MIX11 that in the next version of Windows Phone release the NETCF runtime JIT will utilize SIMD capabilities on the phones.

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Skype, Layar, Spotify for Windows Phone 7 announced. New developer tools and Mango features!

Many Windows Phone 7 users should be happy to learn that Microsoft has announced the upcoming availability of Skype, Spotify, Layar (augmented reality app), Quantas for Windows Phone 7. Joe Belfiore is going to demo these apps during his MIX11 keynote in a few minutes so stay tuned for more info. What this essentially means is that third party developers finally have access to the device’s sensors (Compass..), live camera feed and HTTP sockets support. Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 will be available on May 25th.

full press release after the break:

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Deezer for Windows Phone 7 released: Hands-on video

Contrary to Pandora who is apparently not ready yet for Windows Phone 7 and Spotify who’s still mum about the release date of its WP7 application, the frenchies at Deezer have just released their free music streaming app in the marketplace and frankly did a pretty good job with it. For those of you who are not based in Europe, Deezer is currently the leading music streaming service in France (with nearly 4 million users) and is also available in several other European countries. The Windows Phone 7 application is available for free right now but only in french (but downloadable in all countries) and will give you access to 20 webradios and hundreds of smartradios but only 30secs previews of “regular” songs. To have access to the full songs you will gave to subscribe to a Premium + account (€9,99/month) which is unfortunately only available to french users right now. Check out my full hands-on video after break:

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No Pandora for Windows Phone 7 application planned

This is another blow to the Windows Phone 7 platform; After Skype, SPB software and a couple of other software developers it’s now Pandora’s turn to “announce” via Twitter that there won’t be any Pandora Windows Phone 7 application seeing the light of the day anytime soon, even-tough it was initially announced as one of the launch appliations back in March.

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Will Pandora for Windows Phone 7 support Multi-Tasking?

According Microsoft’s “Media Experience Evangelist” Michael Scherotter who spoke at Sprint’s Developers Conference yesterday in Santa Clara, the Windows Phone 7 version Pandora will supposedly support multi-tasking and allow music to be played in the background similar to the built-in Zune player  UPDATE: You got to love half-assed journalism…Michael Scherotter just commented on the articke saying that only the Zune Player can Multi-Task.. He latter said that other third-party application will also be able the multi-task but didn’t give any more information.

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Spotify for Windows Phone 7 announced and Windows Mobile 6.x version released

Microsoft and Spotify have just announced the upcoming availability of a Windows Phone 7 application and the availability of the Windows Mobile 6.X version. The Windows Phone 7 application will apparently follow the Metro design guidelines and will integrate into the Zune Music & video hub. For those of you who have been worried about a potential lack of Third-party application on WP7 this fall this will hopefully reassure you. Now I wonder if this application will allow background music streaming (you know..real multi-tasking…). I would be surprised if it does. Full Press Release and video after the break:

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Spotify for Windows Mobile 6.5 to be released within a month

According to WinMobile.SE the famous music streaming application, Spotify will launch on Windows Mobile 6.5 within a week. Availibilty will depend on your country (the service is currently available in Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom). The application will supposedly support all the Spotify features like Offline Mode, Multi Tasking, multi-resolution support, Save offline audio files to phone, or storage card etc…The question on everybody’s mind right now is probably; Will there be a Windows Phone 7  Spotify application? First off, the WP7 version (if there’s one in the making) will not support multi-tasking in its initial release (like the WP7 version of Pandora). But Microsoft already has a solution for this: Zune. The Zune player coupled with the Zune Pass will let you stream unlimited music to your phone and because it is a native application you will be able to multi-task while listening to your favorite tunes.

Source: via WMPU

Spotify now available on Symbian devices

As it was announced back in Septembre,Spotify is now finally avaible on Symbian devices, offering up the music streaming service to Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung handsets. Here’s the entire list of compatible devices:

-Nokia 5230
-Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
-Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
-Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
-Nokia 6220 classic
-Nokia 6710 Navigator
-Nokia 6720 classic
-Nokia 6730 classic
-Nokia E51
-Nokia E52
-Nokia E63
-Nokia E66
-Nokia E71
-Nokia E75
-Nokia N78
-Nokia N82
-Nokia N85
-Nokia N86 8MP
-Nokia N95
-Nokia N95 8GB
-Nokia N96
-Nokia N97
-Samsung GT-I7110
-Samsung i8910 Omnia HD
-Sony Ericsson Satio

Strangly the N97 isn’t listed.

Windows Mobile and BlackBerry user are still waiting though (there are work-arounds as seen here on WinMo and here on the Nokia N900 running Maemo 5).

Source: Spotify

mySpot brings Spotify to Windows Mobile

As you probably already know Spotify is available on Android and the iPhone and we’ve already seen it running on the Nokia N900. Windows Mobile & BlackBerry versions are currently in the works but if you don’t want to wai any longer you can grab mySpot today. This application created by FryWalker over at the XDA forums provides acces to the Spotify service on Windows Mobile.

> Full implementation of the Spotify search and top list functions
> Choose your own media player – define how each track is played
> Album artwork can also be downloaded as required

> The .NET 2.0 Compact Framework (which should come with Windows Mobile 6.0 and above as standard)
> A Premium Spotify Account
> A media player that supports the ogg audio format

Grab it here

Source: XDA-Devs thanks for the tip Marc

Video of Spotify running on the Nokia N900

As you probably know there is currently no way of running Spotify on Linux, but it’s looks like some motivated dev decided to overcome this problem and created a QT app which access the open source Spotify client library called “despotify” and ran it on the Nokia N900 (which runs the Maemo 5 lunix-based OS.

For more info check out the dev page here

Source: QTLabs via DailyMobile &

Spotify coming to Windows Mobile and BlackBerry


I’m a bit late on this one..Thanks to all the iPhone & Android versions coverage on the web and also the Symbian version demoed it looks like this quote from Daniel Ek, Spotify’s founder & CEO, went unnoticed (at least by me anyway):

“Quite shortly you’ll see something on Symbian [a mobile phone operating system used on many devices, such as Nokias]. We’re also looking at BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile, so we’re definitely investing quite a lot in to getting Spotify more mobile. The iPhone and Android are two great platforms, but we want Spotify available on as many of the big platforms as possible.”

So there you have it BlackBerry and Windows Mobile versions are on the way…

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