Angry Birds and Tap Tap Revenge coming to Windows Phone 7 ?

There’s nothing official but thanks to Tasos for pointing to this tiny screenshot found on the newly launched Windows Phone 7 portal that shows two of the most successful mobile games as now being present on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace : Tap Tap Revenge and Angry Birds. this could obviously just be a mock-up picture but I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft manged to get both of these applications on board for the the launch of the platform. Ebay application has already been confirmed a while ago.

Update: Guess I was right to be cautious…There’s no Windows Phone 7 version of Angry Birds yet according to the developers:

We have NOT committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version. Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission.

Thanks for the heads up Tasos

  • Sam Judson

    Yeah, the angry bird developers are ‘angry’ that Microsoft used that icon on their mock-up. Microsoft says the mock-up wasn’t meant to be public, but its still a bit of a faux pas.

    I still think that they will maybe one day come to Windows 7 phone.

  • Guest

    I have been playing Tap Tap Revenge on my friend’s IPhone, and i have to admit that I’m pretty jealous. I have an WP7 and I’ve been trying to find a version of TTR for my phone. At first i found this cool app, Touch The Music, that was similar to TTR, but it doesnt exist anymore. So I would really apreciate if you guys had any news about Tap Tap Revenge coming out for WP7. 

  • Guest

    angry birds is on wp7 i play it often just like fruit ninja