Ebay Application coming to Windows Phone 7 on launch day

No big surprise here given that Ebay took part of the Windows Phone 7 keynote at MIX10 but today’s confirmation that an actual application was in the works is kind of a good thing… I guess Microsoft has apparently asked Ebay (and I guessed also payed..) Ebay to develop a Windows Phone 7 application that should be ready for launch day according to Forbes:

Plans include releasing an app for phones running Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system,[...]
For now, partnerships are the main way eBay is staying current. At Microsoft’s request, Yankovich’s team is building an app for Windows Phone 7, the next generation of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The app will be available when Windows Phone 7 launches, likely around October or November.

Check out the video of the application (early prototype SL app) after the break:

Source: Forbes