Sony Ericsson is still planning Windows Phone 7 devices but the focus is on Android

We have never actually heard anything about Sony Ericsson’s Windows Phone 7 plans since the Mobile World Congress in February. For the first time the company has mentioned that Microsoft’s new mobile OS is apparently still on their roadmap but that currently their focus is principally on android.

“Android is definitely our focus, but we haven’t given up on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, despite its slow uptake. But Windows Phone 7 remains on our roadmap. However, currently we have no plans for new Symbian products.”

Given SE’s recent inability to release a product on time and the rumors about the Android 3.0 PSP like device I wouldn’t expect to see any WP7 device from them before H2 2001. Out of all the OEMS announced in February only HP is officially out of the WP7 train.

Source: Niteknyk via Infosyncworld