Sony Ericsson building Android 3.0 gaming platform and PSP style phone: Fragmentation you said?

This is nothing more that a rumor but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true. So what is actually happening? Well it is starting to look like Google is getting a bit nervous about the gaming capabilities of Android especially now that every Windows Phone 7 devices will have Xbox Live integration and Apple iPhone’s gigantic library of games (and upcoming gaming hub). According to sources, the Mountain View company has enlisted Sony Ericsson to build a Android Gaming Platform to be integrated into Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) similar to what the competitors I previously mentioned are doing. SE is also apparently building a PSP-Like smartphone that will feature a sliding gamepad, 3.7″/4″ screen 1ghz SnapDragon SoC running Android 3.0  etc.

Sounds Interesting right? Well to me this sounds more like a total mess. According to the same source, this new fancy gaming platform/hub will only be available to this particular Sony Ericsson handset (and maybe others if they meet the minimum specs requirements and button/gamepad layout). Secondly Sony Ericsson isn’t known to be super awesome lately. We are talking about a company who can’t ship any product on time and is only now launching it’s flagship device in the US and with Android 1.6! Third, Sony Ericsson isn’t Sony so there’s no guarantee that PSN will be part of this and one has to remember that SE is only working on WP7 handsets (with Xbox Live in there..).

Google has to seriously make a clear choice for the future of Android: Don’t change anything and continue to allow OEMs and carriers to do whatever they want and turn Android into the new WinMo because of the hardware and software fragmentation (this rumor is pointing to this IMO) or finally decides to be more strict when it comes to hardware, drivers, thir-party bloatware etc (like Microsoft and WP7).

Android is an awesome OS, its choke full of features, has awesome support from Google but the whole ecosystem is getting all messed up IMO.

Oh, and I’m seeing reports that Microsoft has “new” mobile game studio…yeah sure, I posted about it in January…and it has been discussed several time since then even by Microsoft.

Source: Engadget