HTC HD7 to be released on October 18th ?

The mysterious HTC HD7 is apparently going to hit the European market on October 18th if the O2 document pictured above turns out to be true. The device will go on sale for €599 without any strings attached or €79 with a 2 year contract (on Germany’s O2 network). We still don’t have any info on the HTC HD7 hardware but my guess is that it will either be the HTC T8788 (also rumored to be called the HTC Surround) or maybe the official name of the HTC Schubert / Mozart.

Source: WMPU via Engadget

  • Diego!

    I don’t think it is the HTC Mozart/Schubert… it has to be the HTC device we’ve seen with a sliding-out keyboard… or maybe something even more impressive :D

  • MobileTechWorld

    Don’t you mean with the “Sliding-out Speaker” ? That’s the HTC T8788 I mentioned above. We haven’t seen any WP7 device from HTC with a sliding out keyboard IIRC.

  • Diego!

    Oops… yeah, I meant sliding out speaker hahaha, my mistake. Sorry! I thought of it but my mind played a trick on me LOL.

    There is another HTC phone which passed FCC, I’m gonna look it up for it and post it here.
    Meanwhile, all details about HTC Mozart are revealed: