Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 showcased in video

It’s been a while since we last heard of of the Windows Phone 7 Seesmic application (back in March at the MIX event)so it nice to finally see how the application has evolved since then. A new video has be unveiled to day showcasing the application running on the WP7 emulator. Loic’s team decided to follow the WP7 design guidelines and created an application that blends perfectly with the OS (and looks totally different from the IPhone/iPad and Android version).Check it out after the break:

via TC &  Twitter

  • Peter

    Looks pretty cool and complicated at the same time. Sometime when you showcase something like this, its best to show it off Barny style so that both side of the brain can comprehend it and folks are not sitting there watching the video more than once to get an idea on how it works. But outstanding job non the less. :-)