Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 receives major update

The Seesmic Twitter and Facebook client for Windows phone 7 has just received a new update containing a handful of new features:

- Improved user experience: We worked hard to improve the user experience with the context menus, and we hope you’ll agree that the experience is slicker than ever before
- Saleforce Chatter: We improved the UI to make navigation more intuitive.
- Speak a tweet: Yes, tweets read outloud to you! We are not kidding!
- Trend integration: Check out “What The Trend”.
- SMS Integration: Send a tweet via SMS.
- Hyperlinks: You choose how you would like to open hyperlinks, either in-app browser or Internet Explorer.
- Spring cleaning: Yes, we got rid of a few pesky issues in Facebook timelines and complications with Twitter logins.

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Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 finally updated with performance improvements

The Windows Phone 7 Seesmic application that was out on day one and got trashed in several reviews because of its poor performance has been update and is now finally usable. Here’s what’s new in the 1.3 version:

* Timelines are now cached for increased loading speed
* Speed and scrolling improvements, everywhere in the app
* Display of private and verified Twitter accounts
* Added animations and transitions
* Bug fixes

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Foursquare and Seesmic released on Windows Phone 7

Two of the most anticipated social apps have now been released on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. I’m talking about Foursquare and Seesmic. Both applications are obviously free of charge and can be downloaded on any WP7 device. The Foursquare application seems to feature everything you can expect to find in it but Seemsic apparently still lacks Push Notifications and Landscape support (but obviously includes full Twitter and Facebook integration). Interestingly it seems that a lot of developers are rushing their applications out of the gate to be among the first in the Marketplace which means that you will  encounter a couple of “unfished” apps at first. I’m also currently thinking about what to do with the release of the MobileTechWorld Windows Phone 7  application. There are stilll a few features that I haven’t implemented yet so I’m debating whether I should release it now and update it later or wait untill I’m feature complete before submitting the application.

Seesmic on Windows Phone 7 Series video walkthrough

I just came across this hands-on video of the Windows Phone 7 Series version of the Seesmic client unveiled at MIX10 earlier this week. As you can see the application retains the basic Metro UI mechanism and is 100% Silverlight. Loic Lemeur also indicates that the code of WP7 version is nearly identical to the desktop version thanks to Silverlight.