HTC Desire HD and Desire Z walkthrough video

Here’s the official promo walkthrough video of the HTC Deisre Z and HTC Desire HD handsets that were announced today. This 6 minutes long video will show first start with a hardware tour of both devices that is followed up by a demo of the new Sense UI features (Camera,e-book etc…) Check it out after the break:

  • Peter

    The sad thing is that I want both. You know what would have been cool HTC, if you had made both phones about a hair apart from each other. For example: Desire HD is fine, but throw a keyboard on it. Desire z if fine, but through in SRS and Dolby in it too. just a thought. The hair is that one is bigger with an 8mp camera and that nice 756mb ram, the other is smaller with a 5mp camera. But I faith that some day you will actually make a device the way a consumer would want it to be. But I feel the world will end before that happens.