More Samsung i8700 pictures: Sized-up against the Samsung Wave

The same person who shot the blurry Samsung i8700 video also posted a couple of blurry pictures too. You will see the GT-i8700 device compared to the Samsung Wave and frontal shot of the i8700 alone. Not much is said other that the usual stuff we already knew. The device is running an internal Windows Phone 7MS ROM (which has access to the “test” Marketplace) as seen in the video earlier. More pictures after the break:

Via Caketuzz

  • Bill Ramalho

    wow….that looks really good. I definitely prefer the squared off look to some of the rounded stuff we’ve seen. Personal preference, but I think it matches the metro design language. It also looks nice and thin, with a big camera sensor. The camera factor will be important to me, and Samsung has a good reputation for sensors. I wonder what the difference between the i8700 and i917 will be…also, I love the DLNA feature that LG is baking in their handsets….don’t care for the C900, but the E900 looks great too. It’s great to have choices.

  • Boima B Harris

    This device is it…I have been undecided on the WP7 to acquire but this beast looks sexy. What beautiful Slate. I hope they have a 16GB model available.
    I agree with bill this device is beautiful being squared.

    Please leak some more pictures catuzz…

  • MobileTechWorld

    Looks a lot like the original HTC Touch Diamond doesn’t it?

  • Bill Ramalho

    yes it does….bigger screen and not as fat, but same look….loved my TP2…best keyboard.

  • Boima B Harris

    Except its thinner and seems to be a 4 ” which would be awsome. In addition to that I have a feeling it a AMOLED. God I love Sammy…Hope I can get my hands on this by next month.
    BTW..I dont reside in the US so we should get it a bit sooner than the US or EU….
    BTW anyone know what the batt life is like on WP7…with the constant updates on the tiles hub…this thing seems to drain battery.

    Love MTW…..Keep up the good work… faithful reader.

  • Diego!

    To me is more reminiscent of SonyEricsson XPeria X10 than HTC Touch Diamond haha

    That screen is 4″ for sure. Samsung Wave has a 3.3″ screen, and next to Samsung i8700, we sure can tell it is a 4″ screen. Is this model that comes with 8gb of internal memory? Or is it the Samsung Cetus?

  • BucksterMcgee

    Since no one has real non-prototype developer devices, it is unknown how battery life is, that said, Microsoft has implicitly expressed that during the design from the ground of this OS (it was completely from scratch) battery life was definitely a large consideration, and thus there are several design choices that are there solely to improve battery life verses other OS’s like Android and iOS. For example you think that since the live tiles are always updating, that they must be draining the battery, actually, first of all, the tiles are controlled by the operating system and by a push notification system in the OS. From my understanding unlike other updating service seen before, where they periodically make a check to see if there is an update, this is coordinated with the system and is “pushed” to the phone on a need by need basis rather than wasting battery by constantly “checking”. With this in mind, the system also behaves differently depending on battery levels. If they phone is plugged in or has a full battery most all services run at “full power” I’ll call it, but when the battery gets low, certain items can be restricted to improve battery life when your phone is about to die, thus preserving precious time to use your phone. I’m assuming this can be controlled by the user, and say if you want to override it, to blast HD video for the next 7 seconds to kill your battery, then I would guess you could. Personally, I’m optimistically cautious about WP7′s battery life, like I explained I know it definitely was a priority, but this being like a 1.0 release, I have a feeling it might take them a bit to perfect every inch of the system. I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is the phone coming to Verizon. It looks great and reminds me of the WP7 emulator phone.

  • Käfer

    Looks more like the Touch Diamond than the Touch Diamond 2 does and waaay more like it than HTC’s own Windows Phone 7 Touch Diamond 3 concept. I love it. The 8GB internal storage may be small to some (not to me) but it doesn’t mean it won’t accept micro SDHC cards as well (here’s hoping) and despite the rumours of a lack of a front-mounted camera I hold out hope that 1 of the 2 tiny round windows in the screen (to the right of the ear slit) is the front camera (the other I assume to be the light sensor). The possible lack of a slide out QWERTY may put some off (again, not I – I love touch screens). This phone very sexily sums up the Microsoft concept images and reminds me of the beautiful Touch Diamond – shame about the back cover (in my opinion), I’d rather something shiny & angular there (then againI absolutely love the faceted back of the Touch Diamond. Looking at Samsung’s GT-i8700 and HTC’s Obsession/Touch Diamond 3 I’d swear they were switched at birth (I find the Obsession butt-ugly). So far Samsung has me defecting from the HTC camp.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Agreed, the i8700 looks great from the front, but the back is really ugly as sin thought.