A couple of LG E900 hands-on pictures

Danish website TV2 has posted a couple of hands-on pictures of the LG E900 handset alongside a brief Windows Phone 7 hands-on impressions. I recently had the opportunity to handle the LG E900 (but couldn’t take pics or talk about it) and can assure you that the device feels really good (also bigger than you think) in the hand  and better built than the LG GW910 / Panther dev phone. The screen is also brighter. Hit the break for more pictures:

Source: TV2

  • Anonymous

    Looking good! How does the screen compare with the likes of the iPhone 4 retina display? From the pictures it looks quite impressive!

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Screen PPI is similar to what we have seen lately given the WVGA resolution (but I’m still not sure of the exact size. It looked a tiny bit bigger that the LG GW910 so I don’t really know if it’s 3.7″ or 3.8″). Viewing angle is good (I’m guessing that it’s an IPS panel). It does look really nice but you obviously wont get the crazy black levels of an AMOLED panel. On the other hand the colors a more natural and you don’t have the weird Pentile Matrix sub-pixel arrangement seen in Samsung’s AMOLED and Super-AMOLED displays. Let’s say that it’s a step up from what you can get on the HTC HD2 (or EVO 4G).

  • Anonymous

    Looks great! I just created a new site called http://www.winphonejunkies.com. It’s a place to discuss everything WP7.

  • Diego!

    Everybody says it’s a 3.7″ but the specification sheet claims it’s a 3.8″… so I guess we will have to wait a few days just to know the real size of the screen.

    Meanwhile, the LG GW910 Panther, has a 3.5″ screen. It’s really tiny. But I personally like its design better than LG E900.

    I’m waiting for Wednesday, please HTC, release the HD3 :)