Browse all the MIX 2010 presentations with Deepzoom on Windows Phone 7

Don’t feel like downloading all the PPT presentations from last March’s MIX 2010 event? Just head over to and browse every single one of them directly in your browser thanks to Silverlight and the Deepzoom control. But the best part of this is that it is now “available” on Windows Phone 7 after a 2 days long port (which re-uses 90% of the code). Check out the video overview after the break:

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Windows Phone 7 Series Task Manager video walkthrough

Just shot this short walkthrough video of the Task Manager found in the Windows Phone 7 Series emulator. As you can see the thing is PACKED with options, info and features. Will have to play with it a bit more to fully figure out what’s going on.You can check out a full video walkthrough of the OS here (videos are still being processed by Google…)

Windows Phone 7 Series Applications & Settings video walkthrough

I just did 2 walkthrough videos of the recently unlocked Windows Phone 7 Series emulator. The first one shows all the native apps currently present in the OS (Zune, Pictures, Office, Messaging, Camera etc..):

The second video is a quick walkthrough of the different settings available:

PS: Videos are still being processed by Google…

Seesmic on Windows Phone 7 Series video walkthrough

I just came across this hands-on video of the Windows Phone 7 Series version of the Seesmic client unveiled at MIX10 earlier this week. As you can see the application retains the basic Metro UI mechanism and is 100% Silverlight. Loic Lemeur also indicates that the code of WP7 version is nearly identical to the desktop version thanks to Silverlight.

Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator ROM Unlocked

The boys in Redmond aren’t going to be happy about this…After a bit of digging, blogger Dan Ardelean managed to fully unlock the ROM found within the Windows Phone 7 CTP Emulator. As you can see in the screenshots above all the apps are now available and also access to the task manager among other things. Dan has also posted the Bin file here (Dan took down the link. Guess it’s too late now, the file is all over the place…Microsoft isn’t going to be happy at all…). I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft decides to take down the whole thing in a few hours.

Source:Dan Ardelean thanks for the tip Mike

New Windows Phone 7 Series ad and Marketplace video

Here are two new Windows Phone 7 Series videos showing the OS in action and the Marketplace. Both were presente at MIX10 2 days ago.


All Windows Phone 7 MIX10 Sessions Part 2

Below are the rest of the Windows Phone 7 Series MIX10 session made that have currently been made available.

Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight, Part 1:

PowerPoint Presentation: Click

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All Windows Phone 7 Series MIX10 Sessions Part 1

Here are all the Windows Phone 7 Series MIX10 sessions currently available online.

Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series:

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Copy & Paste function coming to Windows Phone 7 Series in future updates

Ok folks, I just got official word from Microsoft France’s Head of Mobility Products, Frédéric Brandt, about the Windows Phone 7 Series Copy & Paste drama:


« Cette information a été confirmée hier pendant la conférence Mix. Lors de la sortie des premiers appareils Windows Phone 7 Series, il n’y aura pas de copier-coller dans notre expérience. Nous avons développé des alternatives aux scénarios les plus courants de l’utilisation de cette fonctionnalité que nous dévoilerons dans les prochains mois.

Bien sûr afin de compléter l’expérience, cette fonctionnalité est envisagée dans les mises à jour ultérieures au lancement. »


“This information was confirmed yesterday during the MIX conference. At the time of the launch, copy & paste won’t be part of the expereince on the first Windows Phone 7 Series devices sold. We have developed alternatives to the most common scenarios for using this feature that we will unveil in the coming months.

Of course to complete the experience, this feature (copy & paste) is planned in future updates after the initial launch.

Now the question is: How long will users have to wait after launch to get this update?

No Copy & Paste on Windows Phone 7 Series [UPDATED]

Yes, this apparently isn’t a joke . According to several people attending MIX today, Microsoft revealed that Windows Phone 7 Serieswill not feature a clipboard/copy/paste function when launched later this year. I don’t really know what to think of this other than: “WTH are they thinking?!”. Did the Microsoft rep really say that or was his answer mis-interpreted? More to come… I always though that WP7 will feature such a basic function given that text can be highlighted in the browser (as seen a the screenshot I took using the emulator, you can also see this happening during several live demos posted online).

Update: According to Paul Thurrott, Microsoft told him that the functionality isn’t currently present in WP7 but the plan is to implement it before RTM:

So I was told that Windows Phone copy and paste is not definitely, but that they were looking at adding this before RTM. It’s not there now.

Update 2: Accodring to Microsoft’s Todd Brix there’s no plan to add the feature later (!?):

“We don’t enable copy and paste and we do that very intentionally,” [...] “It’s actually an intentional design decision,” he said. “We try to anticipate what the user wants so copy and paste isn’t necessary.” “We tried to focus on what the core use cases were,” Brix said. “Certainly there will be some people that wont be happy with some of those decisions.”

What kind of BS is that ?

Update 3
: Just got an offical response from Microsoft. It’s coming in future updates.

No Multi-Tasking for 3rd party apps in WP7, no removable storage, no file explorer

Unfortunately Microsoft won’t be able to please everybody with Windows phone 7 Series . The lack of multi-tasking shouldn’t come as a surprise especially given that I (with PPCGeeks) was the first to post the full specs of WP7 more than a month ago (one week before the official announcement, thanks again anonymous tipster..). We all expected this and today Microsoft confirmed it to Mary Jo Foley; third-party apps won’t be able to multi-task but will have the ability to use the push-notification services (just like on the iPhone). This doesn’t really bother me given that I rarely use a task-manager to jump from one app to another. Additionally, the Metro UI and design helps to make the whole UX free of any multi-tasking needs.

But what bothers me is the total lack of file explorer and access to the file system (and build-in storage on the phone). First-off, removable storage cards are out. WP7 devices will come with non-removable Flash memory (minimum 8Gb) and the only way to install an app will be through the Marketplace (enterprise customers will be able to deploy apps without going through the Marketplace). Secondly it looks like the phone’s internal memory will be encrypted (like the Zune HD & iPhone). This means that the only way to transfer data to your phone from the PC will be via the Zune software (you can no longer use your handset as a USB HDD). Also remember that on the Zune HD and iPhone, pictures transferred to the device are always automatically resized and compressed (it’s still not know if this is going to be the case here though).

This is obviously the first release of a new OS and Microsoft has already announced that OTA updates with new features & improvements will be pushed out on a regular basis. My only hope is that Microsoft allows third-party developers to build file explorers (I’m not holding my breath tho..)

First Windows Phone 7 handset from Samsung shown at MIX10

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore unveiled Samsung’s first Windows Phone 7 Series handset during one of his MIX10 session a few hours ago. As you can see in the video, the phone physically looks nearly identical to the OmniaHD released more than a year ago and seems to feature the same 8Mpix camera (capable of 720P encoding). Hopefully this one also packs Samsung’s new SuperAMOLED screen. Engadget posted some new pitures of the 2 WP7 handsets:

Source: WindowsPhoneForum

The Harvest 3D game on Windows Phone 7 video

Here’s a short video (from the MIX10 keynote) of The Harvest 3D game shown running on the protoype Windows Phone 7 Series handset:

Windows Phone 7 Series development tools available now for free


Microsoft just made available for free the development tools necessary to start working on Windows Phone 7 series applications & games:

Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone CTP

Windows Phone Emulator CTP

Silverlight for Windows Phone CTP

XNA 4.0 Game Studio CTP

You can download everything right now from here and found all the documentation here

Netflix for Windows Phone 7 Series announced: Screenshots

That’s right folks: Microsft just announced & demo’d Netflix for Windows Phone 7 Series. As you can see the application has the same Metro UI as the whole OS, it’s build on SilverLight and use Smooth Streaming for video viewing. It alos integrates into the Music & Video Hub.

Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator screenshots & info

Here’s how the Windows Phone 7 emulator looks like. The emulator is actually the full WP7 OS running on your PC. So you’ll get awesome debug features. The Emulator will also support multi-touch directly on the PC if the developer is using a multi-touch enabled PC/screen. Update: The dev tools are now available for free.

Windows Phone 7 Series Applications announced

Microsoft just sent out some new info Windows Phone 7 Series info via a press release:

End -to-End Mobile Development Platform: By combining Silverlight for rich internet applications and the XNA Framework for game development, developers and designers will be able to build visually stunning and immersive applications and games on the Windows Phone 7 Series.
Free Windows Phone Developer Tools: Microsoft will release a free comprehensive tool support package for Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 Series, available for download. Expression Blend for Windows Phone and a preview of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone will be also included as part of the download.
Windows Phone Marketplace: Microsoft made available a new merchandising tool that will enable developers and designers to bring applications and games to market and increase the discoverability of applications with customers while supporting one-time credit card purchases, mobile operator billing and advertising-funded applications. Also at MIX, Microsoft will detail how developers and designers from 30 countries will bring content to market with Windows Phone Marketplace, the evolution of Microsoft’s mobile application market which was initially introduced with the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5. With Windows Phone Marketplace and the new Marketplace hub, developers can easily promote applications and games to Windows Phone customers right on the phone, while earning a 70 % revenue share.
Silverlight 4 Release Candidate (RC): In addition, Microsoft announced a release candidate (RC) for Silverlight 4 which will enable developers to create and deploy even more robust applications and rich interactive experiences.
Expression Blend 4 Beta: Microsoft will demonstrate Expression Blend and announce the availability of a Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone. Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone provides exactly the same streamlined development workflow for Windows Phone that was previously only available for Silverlight and .Net applications; including features such as Behaviors, sample data and the visual state manager.

HEre’s the full list of developers announced:

•The Associated Press
•Archetype International
•AWS Convergence Technologies — Weatherbug
•Citrix Systems
•Clarity Consulting
•Cypress Consulting
•EA Mobile
•frog design
•Glu Mobile
•Hudson Entertainment
•Larva Labs
•Matchbox Mobile
•Microsoft Game Studios
•Oberon Media
•PopCap Games
•Sling Media
•SPB Software
•TeleCommunications Systems
•Vertigo Software

Stay tuned for more

Check out the Netflix application here, and the emulator here

All about Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft’s Andre Vrignaud live-tweeted the Xbox Live on WP7 session that took place at GDC today.

  • Q: Will games have to go through cert? Or just XBL games? A: all games go through cert, XBL games will have a few more reqs.
  • Other resources: Windows Azure –
  • Other resources: pitch your Xbox LIVE-enabled game:
  • Wrapping up… get the dev tools at, go to MIX10 for more next week!
  • Focusing on asynch (turn-based) “mobile minute” friendly gaming at launch. No ad-hoc local WiFi/Bluetooth gaming initially.
  • Most APIs are present on all platforms – make it easier to write clear, crossplatform code.
  • Why Push? Efficent battery util, low memory/CPU use, simple model, no persistent connection required, web 2.0 friendly.
  • @smartyp Yes, these WP7/XBL capabilities are available to both Silverlight and XNA-based games.
  • Push Notif. to Tile: Allows you to push visual notif. to pinned tiles on user’s home page. See at a glance what’s up in game.
  • Notifications not guaranteed delivery – best effort.
  • Notifications: Raw (cloud notifies app), Tile (user pins notif. to quick launch menu), Toast (Cloud sends a title and sub)
  • Extend games with HTTP: consume 3PP web services (weather, shopping), connect to own WS. We will have policies, need to talk with us.
  • Game Invites handled through email; player chooses email recipients.
  • Avatars: 2D avatars for launch, via web service.
  • Trial Mode: developer owns trial experience. Simple check, can be simulated to test. Send player to Marketplace to purchase.
  • XBL Leaderboard data blob is 4KB – place to store ghosts, races, game data, etc. Some cool stuff you could do here with this!
  • Leaderboards: Track friends, score or time-based, fixed set of columns, game defined blob of data, paging, easy API.
  • Think I see a blog post ahead about Achievements best practices, recommendations, and learnings we’ve had over the years…
  • Achievements: real achievements, real gamerscore. Up to 20 achievements, 200 GS max.
  • Profile: your WP7 phone knows you by your Windows LIVE ID (associated with your Gamertag). Use existing WLID, or create new.
  • XBL conn. opt: HTTP req/resp, push notifications, XBL features (2D avatars, invites, profile, achievements, lb, trials)
  • XBL at fingertips with WP7. Games Hub = where XBL meets WP7 OS. Profile, game library, turn notifications, browse spotlight.
  • Some aditional XNA Game Studio 4.0 information was also posted by Charlie Kindel:

    XNA Game Studio 4.0

      • Power: XNA Game Studio 4.0 includes powerful audio and graphics tools that allow developers to create all types of games, from casual 2-D games to 3-D games with high-quality graphics.
      • Productivity: XNA Game Studio 4.0 is a managed code platform, which means that Microsoft has done the back-end work that will save developers time in the coding process. It allows developers to be more productive and focus on gameplay and design.
      • Portability: XNA Game Studio 4.0 makes it possible for developers to adapt games built on previous versions of XNA Game Studio to work on Windows Phone 7 Series without re-coding the entire game. Also, once a developer has created a Windows Phone 7 Series game, they can use some of that code in XNA Game Studio 3.1 to adapt that game for Xbox 360, Windows or Zune.
    • XNA Game Studio 4.0 is a set of software tools that will be used by developers to create games for Windows Phone 7 Series. This updated version of XNA Game Studio will allow game developers to create better mobile games faster by providing:

      Pedigree: Microsoft has invested in XNA Game Studio for the past four years to make it one of the most comprehensive and trusted tools for developers. There have been over 1 million downloads of previous versions of XNA Game Studio since its initial release in December 2006

    Game Development on Windows Phone 7 Series

      • Collect Achievements and build your Gamerscore
      • View Xbox LIVE leaderboards
      • See your Xbox LIVE Avatar
      • Access Spotlight feeds
      • Add Xbox LIVE friends to your friends list while out on the go
    • Windows Phone 7 Series is a whole new approach to phone software, distinguished by smart design and truly integrated experiences. It offers users new ways to find and play games, including:

      The games hub. The games hub will contain all the games an individual has acquired through the Windows® Phone Marketplace. We are partnering with a select group of publishers to create great Xbox LIVE games for the games hub. The Xbox LIVE features include the ability to:

      The marketplace hub. Windows Phone 7 Series includes the Windows® Phone Marketplace, where apps and games will be sold. Both independent and professional developers can offer games as apps via Marketplace, giving consumers a wide array of games to choose from.

    GDC isn’t finished yet so we can expect more WP7S info in the coming days (and next week at MIX). Stay tuned…

    Microsoft unveils first 3D games on Windows Phone 7 Series

    Following theannouncment of XNA Game Studio 4.0Microsoft just unveiled the first screenshots of 2 3D games currently being developed for Windows Phone 7 Series. The first one is The Harvesta Diablo-like action game featuring destructible 3D environments developed by Luma Arcade. The second one, Battle Punks developed by Gravity Bear, is a sword-fighting Facebook game. Microsoft also confirmed what I told you guys in my WP7 article: Direct3D is going to be only 3D API supported on Windows Phone 7 Series. So OpenGL apps/Games will have to be ported. Suffice to say that Microsoft is going hard at the competition (Apple/Android). Engadget also had a short XNA/3-screens dev demo at the GDC (basically the same thing we saw a few days ago):