Nokia promises improved user experience on Symbian & first Maemo 6 device in 2010

Nokia is finally waking up it seems, according to the press release of today’s Nokia Capital Market’s Day, the N°1 phone company is set to deliver a whole lot of good stuff next year:

Nokia Devices & Services operational priorities
In addition to providing its key financial targets, Nokia also outlined key Devices & Services operational priorities for 2010. These are:
- Improve our user experience;
- Re-engineer our Symbian user interface; deliver a major product milestone before mid-year 2010, and another major product milestone before the end of 2010;
- Deliver our first Maemo 6-powered mobile computer, with an iconic user experience, in the second half of 2010;
- Significantly increase the proportion of touch and/or QWERTY devices in our smartphone portfolio;
- Scale up our Services business by expanding geographically and in partnership with more operators;
- Provide third party developers with better tools to create applications and content for our Ovi ecosystem;
- Further optimize the industry’s lowest cost end-to-end business model in Mobile Phones; and
- Continue to build on our affordable and localized services offerings for emerging market consumers.

So we can basically expect two major updates to Symbian next year (the first around mid-2010 and the second at the end of the year) which is a good thing and quite similar to what Microsoft is doing with WM 6.5 and WM7. The other interesting part is that they are planning to ship the first Maemo 6 device next year, but there’s no mention of other Meamo 5 devices. The question is, Will the N900 be the only Meamo 5 device? Is Nokia only planning one Meamo device for 2010?

Source: Nokia