No Windows Phone 8 upgrade to current Windows Phone 7 handsets: Windows Phone 7.8 unveiled

Microsoft has unfortunately just announced that none of the Windows Phone 7.X handset currently available will be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8. Nope, never, nada, zip… Instead Microsoft is announcing Windows Phone 7.8 which will be a free update that will be pushed ALL Windows Phone handsets bypassing carriers (and downloadable via WiFi) that will will simply add the new Windows Phone 8 start screen to all “legacy” WP7 handsets. Other WP8 features which are not hardware dependent may or may not be part of WP7.8 (Nothing has been officially announced yet). That’s it folks there’s nothing else to say here. That shiny Nokia Lumia 900 you got last week will be stuck forever with the Windows CE based WP7.X platform. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts (or anger..).

Check out Windows Phone 7.8 running on the Nokia Lumia 900 (courtesy of Anand):

  • Daniel Sousza

    It’s just sad. What will Nokia sell for the next 4-6 Months? Who is going to buy/recommend any Lumia devices now?

  • Anonymous

    shitty….I should not buy a windows Phone a month ago….no wonder IPhone is the one to go for….

  • ChrisK

    So will WP 7.8 include ONLY the new Start Screen? I hoped they would include more things, maybe a new notification system.

  • Paolo Is Here

    how sad, in the next months, bye lumia 800

  • Rasool Shaik

    Its microsoft gain allover. Nokia looses. No one will buy any nokia lumia device now. Other oems sell well like htc or samsung because they have alternative like android. 

  • 1 1

    MS sucks

  • Christos

    never again windows phone….back to iphone again…….

  • Nades4c

    This is very bad reporting Mobile Tech  World….very bad reporting indeed!

    WP 7.8 is essentially WP8 without features which depend upon the new hardware requirements of WP8 (dual core, NFC basically). So WP7.8 will have the new MS payment hub but will not have NFC support because no WP 7.x device currently has NFC support. If Microsoft were to force the full version WP8 onto existing devices, the extra hardware requirements of the OS will slow down the devices and ruin the user experience (bloatware anybody?)

    WP8 has a kernel which is fundamentally different than WP7.x. Apps designed specifically for WP8 will not run on WP7 but WP8 is backward compatible with WP7 so apps designed for WP7 will run on both WP 7 & 8. So if a developer needs to design an app which targets all  WP users, he’ll develop it on the WP7 platform. But if he needs to design apps which specifically require the new hardware capabilities (Dual Core, NFC) he’ll develop it on the WP8 platform and it would not run on WP7  (but WP7.x users wouldn’t care because they don’t have the hardware to run it anyway).

    Other than these considerations, the WP7.8 experience will be identical to WP8. I’m even pretty certain that we would see WP7.1,2,3 etc updates as we would also certainly see WP8.1,2,3 etc updates.

    I think Microsoft should simply have named WP7.8 as WP8.0.x.x.x and WP8 should have been WP8.1.x.x.x just as blackberry does with the BlackBerry OS for querty vs touchscreen+querty devices. But seriously, you guys need to do better research and stop this nonsense!

  • Blah

    I’m with Nades4c here, they did note reveal anything more on windows phone 8 rather than the new hardware. MY guess it’s the will not just simply change the interface on wp7 and than they will bring some improvements of windows phone 8 (the ones which are not hardware dependant) into WP7.8, but they haven’t announced anything more on wp8! People wait up!! 
    The only thing that bugs me it the app creation for wp7 after wp8 is launched.

  • Linas AD

    I will :-)

    I will buy a Lumia for myself once WP8 comes out and Lumias will drop their price twice :-)
    …everybody wins! lol

  • Linas AD

    Wait what?!
    Apple is constantly engaging their users to buy one new iProduct once or twice a year :-)
    If you don’t have an overpriced iPhone5 and iPad3 and iWhateverX by Jan 1 2013 – you’re a lewser :-) ) And it is nevermind that most of iCrap users have their products to post on FB or send a SMS

  • Linas AD

    Hey buddy! When you put it on eBay let me know.

  • Linas AD

    Yeah it’s sad. Nokia was great once and with Lumia units it looked like they coming back, but… Samsung makes cheaper and more powerful devices, and if MS goes to Korea – Nokia dies… :-(

  • Linas AD


  • Rasool Shaik

    Microsoft has not promised anything. It simply says with 7.8 you only get the new homescreen. thats it. What you don’t know is you will not get anymore apps that are built for wp8. No developer would like to build apps or games for the os thats dead. 

  • Ruy Silveira

    Surely I will! With prices going down from now on! WP7.5 is a great phone and I dont think I need any update for the next 5 years at least.

  • Ruy Silveira

    Linas, thats so true! Apple is constantly pushing new phones to their customers, but in some people’s opinion Microsoft doesnt have the same right.
    Blind people.

  • Ruy Silveira

    Agree, Lumia 800 is too small, Im going towards 900!!!

  • Ruy Silveira

    And get a new iphone? Since you want a new one why not WP8? Its a great device! Better than Iphone actually,you can use sim cards!!!

  • Travellingwithoutmoving

    Come on guys let’s face the truth wp7.X was a huge FAIL no support for VoIp skype or viber not actual multitask no good games no customization no bluetooth transfer no apps no file browsing/editing M$ copies all mistakes apple made at their beginning so they lost momentum they realised too late and thats why no one is going to trust them again. Apple and android both did a good job in updates supporting older devices for at least 3 years who is going to convince me that if I buy a wp8 next year wont be an old OS. I only feel sorry for the poor people paying 600£ for lumia900 they bought last week and now asking for refund… Terrible mistakes….

  • Travellingwithoutmoving

    ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ????? iphone ????? ?????? ?? ?? ????… ;-)

  • thegeck

    ??? Are uou kidding? WP is a total bummer. I can’t believe such a large company could come up with such a crappy phone OS – so overcomplex and badly thought through. I’ll get rid of my Lumia 800 as soon as possible – I got enough of this + they had all of us up our asses with the WP8 news – this is quite enough to lose any and all trust and desire to put up with their clowning – Zune included, the no-good trash. Badly made synch feature – just too bad to be true. And not even a single update as if everything is OK… I raise my middle finger in your honor, WP and Zune. Thank you for f..cking up – we all enjoy it so much.

  • Mr Elop is a joke

     Question is why the fuck  Noklia killed Meego Harmattan? Stupid ashole Elop did say “Meego was not ready” on know people got bought another not ready OS namelly WP7.

    Now THAT OS that infact NEVER EVER will be ready!

    Fuck you elop I hope someone get you fired ASAP!

  • Coty Sheme

    1. Is there any reason to use bad language on a page like this. 2.Your English sucks. 3. Don’t Blame Stephen Elop, Nokia’s problems and missteps were a decade in the making . Even the most optimistic observers should not expect a fast turnaround at any point. An in-depth Wall Street Journal report on July 19 revealed how Nokia had a touch-screen smartphone strategy and tablet computer concepts in place more than seven years before the iPhone arrived. But in the mid-2000s, Nokia grew bloated and overly focused on traditional cell phones. Nokia’s CEO at the time: Kallasvuo. 
    Elop was dealt a lousy hand when he accepted the job.

  • Coty Sheme

    You will get a new lock screen (It’s going to be awesome), New start screen, the calendar changed a little I think. It is not a huge update. I only got to have like small a glimpse. I still want a WP8 device when they debut, I’ve been saving.

  • Coty Sheme

    here is the thing no one seems to realize, Android doesn’t completely update their devices one year old to the newest update. Out to make the most money, they don’t say anything about it. In apple if your wondering why some apps don’t appear in your market place, your device is not compatible; My mom has a 3GS, My sister a 4. You really have to buy a new phone about every year to stay ahead. You only get the some of the extra features but no capability, It’s covered up by appearance. Microsoft was just real dumb and blunt about it, they should have sad all where getting the update, but also stating that some apps and features would not be compatible, the greedy way the could have handled it. Where Android and Apple take half steps, Windows had to take three whole steps needing to be head. I have a Nokia Lumia 900, two year contract, I’m saving money in a jar for a new phone in october (I want another Nokia this time WP8) Im looking forward.

  • Thegeck

    Yeah, you pretty much said it all. 

  • Thegeck

    This “fundamentally different kernel” just sounds outright ridiculous to me, really – no offence. Using different, alien principles of programming – yes, even that’s an excuse. And what have THEY changed? There wasn’t no giant technical leap, like – BAM – this, ladies and gentlemen, is a Holo phone. Cool. Wow. “Use it, but be warned that it is just too damn cool to be used with the existing OSes.” Ok. Now, I buy that. This is legit. Here? What? Just a minor change in hardware that makes all they created before obsolete. Like “we use 17″ wheels in cars now. That’s why your car has to to to the junkyard. Sorry. Your problem. We will not make a 16″ wheel just for you, you selfish bastard.” I’m not really sure it works that way, unless they get paid for screwing around and creating soft from scratch, which they do not do for a variety of reasons. Here’s just one – the OS has to be compatiable whit the currently existing systems(globally speaking) – now that applies a lot of boundries. So, obviously, they DO NOT create it from scratch – a “template” has to be applied. Must be some major bucks involved – if you ask me – just consider, their goal is primarily TO STAY ON THE MARKET : they are not in the position to expand, not now. People buy this damn device. Objective complete. Live to fight another day. WP is not massive – just a bunch of us, users. So who cares? You’re just dumping a couple of million people – no big deal – you’re not dumping them all, for Christ sake, right? More to come – Windows is de-facto a monopoly. Who needs any excuses then, huh? 8-) “You buy what I offer and shut up. Uck you and have a nice day.” That’s the way it goes.

  • Christopher Phipps

    The other “Great” (SARCASM) thing is that developers have stopped doing anything for wp7.x because while it will work on wp8, the opposite won’t. wp8 apps won’t function on 7 and why would they put energy towards a dead OS with only a few models running it still? Obviously, applications will get security fixes as they occur, but don’t expect any further development on 7 specific applications. I think this is the big thing that people are neglecting to realize. If you enjoy angry birds or similar applications, forgettaboutit