Alleged upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset specs and renders leaked: PureView and Adreno 320 GPU on board

As it’s usually the case with such things I’ll first advice you to take the following info with a pinch of salt and remain cautious. According to two supposedly leaked Nokia internal slides what you see here is the upcoming flagship Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset which will unsurprisingly sport the 41Mpx camera sensor introduced by the Nokia 808 alongside a Xenon flash, a 4.3″ curved HD Display (no AMOLED?), a dual-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro which includes the Adreno 320 GPU (surprising..was expecting it to be for tablets only at first…). The phone also has an enigmatic “Rich Recording” video recording technology. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if the device’s name was Nokia Lumia PureView

As you can see the handset has an unusual design which seems to favor one handed ergonomics (in line with what Nokia’s design chief has been preaching) but also a big bulge on the back to house the gigantic camera sensor and optics. Once again, don’t get too excited yet as this may be nothing more than a fake even though it looks fairly legitimate: notice the start button which has the new Windows 8 design instead of the older “Flag” :

source: IT168 thanks for the heads up guys.

  • BucksterMcgee

    The inclusion of the new Windows 8 start flag is what sells me on that it’s real. It’s such a small detail that I don’t think a fan boy would have included.

    While I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that it looks ugly, I think it’s has a very distinct and, dare I say, beautiful look to it. I definitely agree that it’s looks very ergonomic, and looks very comfortable to hold and use, unlike the super thing phones that I usually love.

    The thickness is obviously apparently, but that’s the price you pay for the high quality PureView camera. If the pictures are truly that good, I could see this being a very popular device for those who don’t want to camera both a camera and a phone.

    Furthermore, I have to suspect people are getting tired of the same old looks of phones today; all these flat slabs look alike, and frankly boring. Even the almighty iphone seems to old and dated.

    I’d have to have it in my hands and see it up close, but at least for now I’m incredibly intrigued about it.

  • french toast

    I have to say i completey agree on everything you said…im bored with these slabs being released..i yearn for another QWERTY Nokia super phone…that washes up!;)

    If this is not real, then who ever made this mock up is extremely good at it…thats exactly how you would expect a Pureview WP8 phone to look….Nokia has been working on curved displays for ages….also alongside that new W8 home button…there is a couple of other things ive picked out…The 4.3 HD display is NOT AMOLED…when the rest of Nokias high end line up is…why does that matter? because there is no such thing as a HD AMOLED screen @4.3inch’s..thats why…they don’t exist..and won’t for a while yet…the fact that this doesn’t go along with the AMOLED makes me believe this is true…most tech sites don’t even know that and i doubt even those will not mention that tidbit…

    The other thing is the S4 pro..initially i was sceptical, however by the time WP8 launches..S4pro will be near ready according to the roadmaps…also Elop said that he didn’t like/wouldn’t use a quad core in any of their phones..comparing them to a heater….so thats another thing only someone in the know would be able to do.
    It looks alot like a bigger/newer 3210!! ;)

  • Ian Guider

    This just doesns’t seem real to me. Nokias main design theme for the past high end phones (N9, Lumia 800/900) has been simplicity. Extracting everything that isnt neccessary from the design such as seems and angles to keep the device clean and pure. This phone has way too many angles and curves, plus the phone isnt a solid color. Another thing would be the practicalitly of the design. The tear or egg shape seems like a possibilty for holding, but that would mean the edges would create angles not parallel to the screen. Another design flaw would be the “chin” and “forehead” I guess?. The extra angles they bring just serves no function, along with making the phone unnormally long. If thats a 16:9 4.3″ screen, it almost looks like the phone would stand over 6 inches tall. And finally the thickness would be a suicide with the way the market is going. There is plenty of tecnnologies like amoled panels, gorilla glass 2, ways of arranging components, bonding them instead using brackets, and the fact that the 28nm chip is tiny! The other things that screem fake is like what french toast said. Samsung doesnt make a 4.3″ super amoled HD, they make a 4.6″. Infact the latest rumor is the SGSIII has a 4.6″ super amoled HD plus, so that could be another possibilty. Also it doesnt look like theres either a ffc or headphone jack along with key names like dolby and clearblack missing.. (And wheres the hydrophobic carbon nanotube coating Nokias been working on?) Other than that it does seem like itd need the s4 pro’s adreno 320 for all the camera this thing has.

  • Shenzhen2112

    One more little attention to detail in the renders that sells them to me as legitimate is the curved glass screen. Nokia is very proud of their clear black screens and I have to wonder if the combination of low reflection from clear black and the concave shape would further limit reflection in sunlight making the screen visible at a wider variety of angles. Just my two cents…

  • french toast

    Well thats what makes it seem real..the fact it DOESN’T use a AMOLED screen….had they done that and just copied the othe high end Lumias then that would have been a dead give away…..a couple of things, yes i agree the thickness looks mighty thick and of out all proportion of the phone…even taking into consideration the bulky camera module…also it doesn’t seem wide enough for a 4.3inch display? compare that to the Lumia 900…which is quite wide… other thing if you look above the camera crudely squares off into an octogon shape/ you look at the yellow pic on the far left…looks a bit weired/half arsed…not Nokia that!.

    Im changing my stance…a VERY well done /believable fake.

  • Hamid

    Great new i had seen the i amge shot from nokia pue view it was awesome

  • Hamid

    Great new i had seen the i amge shot from nokia pue view it was awesome

  • MobileTechWorld

    16:9 Aspect ratio (which I assume is going to be 1280×720 on this device) = narrower 4.3″ screen.
    Just compare the HTC Sensation’s qHD (540×960) 4.3″ screen vs any other WVGA 4.3″ device (HD2/7/EVO/FOCUS S/LUMIA 900)…

  • MobileTechWorld

     16:9 Aspect ratio (which I assume is going to be 1280×720) = narrower 4.3″ screen.
    Just compare the HTC Senation’s 4.3″ screen vs any other WVGA 4.3″ device (HD2/7/EVO/FOCUS S/LUMIA 900)

  • french toast

    Good point, but still it doesn’t look like a 4.3inch 720p screen to me..look abovr the sensor that angular taper off to the screen..doesn’t look right.

  • BucksterMcgee

    Ignoring the fact that it’s still only a render, it seems to me that the reflections are deceiving, and that it doesn’t taper as much as it looks.

  • BucksterMcgee

    That’s an interesting thought. With the screen resolution changes coming in Apollo I just assumed they would be the same aspect ratio, making developement easier for the most part. But they could move from about 16:10 (close to what it is now) to 16:9 which is more what Windows 8 aims for.

    In either case I’m super excited for some spec changes with Apollo, bring on the HD screens and poweful GPU’s!

  • GhettoFinger

    I would like to refer you to the Samsung Galaxy S3. it has an HD Super AMOLED screen at 4.8″.

  • Freestaterocker

    Ok but how good will it fit in your pocket?

  • Lalit joshi

    This phone looks like alien technology back engineered, it looks very funky. If this is for true i want it, it makes i phone look so dull.