Windows Phone 7 build 7.10.8107.79 roll out started get it now and update manually

Microsoft has started to roll out a new Windows Phone 7 update build 7.10.8107.79 yesterday which contains the following fixes:

On-screen keyboard. Fixes an issue to prevent the keyboard from disappearing during typing.

Email. Fixes a Google mail syncing issue.

Location. Fixes a location access issue. With this fix, the Me feature in the People Hub sends anonymous information about nearby Wi-Fi access points and cell towers to Microsoft only if you agree to allow the Check In function to access and use location information.

Security. Revokes digital certificates from DigiCert Sdn Bhd to address an encryption issue.

Email threads. Fixes an email issue related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. With this fix, when you reply to or forward a message, the original message is now included in your response.

Voicemail. Fixes a voicemail notification display issue that occurs on some European and Asian networks under certain conditions.

If you can’t or don’t want to wait until you receive the update notification simply download the CAB file from the links below and update your handset handset manually by following the simple instructions.

UPDATE: The update process is apparently failing if the handset isn’t already running build 7740 (and running 7720 instead). Needs confirmation though… Here’s the 7720 to 7740 update CAB just in case:

OS UPDATE 7720 to 7740:

UPDATE 2: If your Phone App and Settings no longer work simple flash the correct languages pack and they should be back.

UPDATE 3: To restore the Internet Sharing feature on your Samsung Omnia 7 silply go to the following registry tree:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Services\ICS] and change the “UserProcGroup”= dword:20 <- value to “5″ (instead of “20″ here)

OS UPDATE 7.10.8107.79:

Language packs:

Chinese (traditional) (0404):

Czech (0405):

Danish (0406):

German (0407):

Greek (0408):

English – United States (0409):

Finnish (040B):

French (040C):

Hungarian (040E):

Italian (0410):

Japanese (0411):

Korean (0412):

Dutch (0413):

Norwegian (0414):

Polish (0415):

Portuguese – Brazil (0416):

Russian (0419):

Swedish (041D):

Chinese (simplified) (0804):

English – United Kingdom (0809):

Portuguese – Portugal (0816):

Spanish (0C0A):

- Download the update from the first link above then download the WPupdate tools from here.
- Unzip the Tools in a folder then unzip the firmware in the same folder as the tools.
- Plug in your device, wait until the Zune client starts and then close it.
- Run the the Updater and press S or B (depending on the size of your balls..)
- your phone will then reboot in download mode and update (don’t unplug it or do stupid things with your PC during the whole process..)

I’ve successfully updated my two Nokia Lumia 800 handsets and my Samsung Omnia 7.

  • Anonymous

    Update my Omnia 7 yesterday whit CAB….why not all have trough button to switch 3G/Edge?

  • Nick Quadens

    I got the same issue om my omnia 7, no drop down list 3G/Edge ! just the slide Button

    I cant use the Internet Sharing feature anymore :(

    I used the tweak posted here :

    I already Rebooted/reapplied the tweak with no success, anyone else got the same problem ?

  • Gia

    it doesn’t work for me on my lumia.

  • Kevin Romain

    Didn’t work for me either. Error Log:

    Checking your phone’s status: Completed in 0.01 seconds

    Checking system requirements: Completed in 0.04 seconds

    Downloading updates: Completed in 2.28 seconds

    Checking system requirements: Completed in 0.02 seconds

    Transferring updates: Completed in 2.27 seconds

    Preparing to install: Completed in 2.02 seconds

    Restarting your phone: Completed in 27.18 seconds

    Installing updates: Completed in 18.02 seconds

    Checking your phone’s status: Completed in 0 seconds

    Restarting your phone: Completed in 30.75 seconds

    Completing updates: Completed in 7.57 seconds




    Update device ———————- Complete with error

    : 80180048, error message: IU (Image Update) installation
    failed due to an error.

    Please help!

  • MobileTechWorld

    Which phone model are you trying to update? Lumia or Omnia ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    That’s device vendor/firmware/carrier specific thing unfortunately. If you still have the 3G: On/Off slider then the functionality is there it’s just presented in a different way.

  • Pdawg17

    Can a 7720 phone be updated? The name of the update cab has “7740″ in it…and is there a good way to back up the phone first?

  • MobileTechWorld

    There shouldn’t be any problem updating a 7720 handset but I really can’t be affirmative here..
    Update: Scratch that…Seems like the update can’t be applied to phones not already updated to 7740…
    Just make a back up first (press B instead of S when asked in the WPUpdater tool)

  • MobileTechWorld

    What is your current OS Build? 7720 or 7740 ?

  • Cantellu

     Susess on Samsung Focus….
    UpdateWP version 4.8.2345.0
    Applying updates to device             Id: \?usb#vid_045e&pid_04ec&mi_00#7&38c551bb&0&0000#{ca3d7387-f67b-11da-bbec-8000600fe800}             SN: 70d55eb5 – 8eed34ff – 9a3062e0 – 7c4c36d5           Name: SAMSUNG SGH-i917R       KITLName: QSD8XXX6E6E41D5   Manufacturer: SAMSUNG        ModelId: 4          Model: SGH-i917R MobileOperator: ROG-CA        Version: 07.10.07740.03-00.00.00000.00-00.00.00000.00
    Checking your phone’s status: Completed in 0.01 secondsChecking system requirements: Completed in 0.03 secondsDownloading updates: Completed in 2.09 secondsChecking system requirements: Completed in 0.02 secondsTransferring updates: Completed in 0.96 secondsPreparing to install: Completed in 2.03 secondsRestarting your phone: Completed in 36.54 secondsCreating a backup: Completed in 153.4 secondsInstalling updates: Completed in 132.17 secondsRestarting your phone..Error: Timeout occured while waiting for the device to reboot.????????» DonePress any key to continue . . .

  • Errorholic

    can you found the greek language 0408?

  • Pdawg17

    So is there an update cab to 7740 available?

  • Anonymous

    My update went like clockwork using this.. Thank you!!!!

    Lumia 800 unlocked upgrading from 7740
    T-Mobile USA

  • Nick Quadens

    Did Anyone found a fix to get Internet Sharing back working again ? 

  • MobileTechWorld
  • Robyrt

    it says i have no updates

  • Anonymous

    Some people have problem to enable internet sharing but i don’t now fix problem…..if they find the solution I’ll let you know

  • Anonymous

    Come back to 7740…..install Samsung Tools xap…..set Enable”3G Toggle”….update whit CAB to 8107…now my Omnia 7 have trough button to switch 3G/EDGE

  • moonman

    Phone app and settings died completely. Restoring…

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thankfully you did a back up! Which phone model and OS version ?

  • Morrison

    Kills my phone app as well…restore…

  • MobileTechWorld

    Simply flash the correct language pack and you should be fine.

  • MobileTechWorld

    BTW just found out that flashing the correct language pack (in addition to the OS update) will fix your issue.

  • Guess

    does it work for htc hd7?

  • Joe

    Updated Successfully. Thanks MobileTechWorld.

  • guess

    Update successfully…but I’m not sure if is it gonna work or not!!
    cuz mine is 7720.
    Basically what I did :
    put the 3 cab in the same tool file: english, 7740 and 8107.

    then I did run the update tool…it took i think less than 3 minutes…and it’s done.

  • MobileTechWorld

    3 minutes is a bit short IMO. The simplest way to know if it worked is to go to the About screen and check the OS build version (as seen in the picture above).

    The best to do the update is to to it one file at a time (only one file in the WP update Tool folder). Start with the 7740 then 807 and finally Language.

  • Joe

    Saw this on XDA forums:
    “UserProcGroup”=dword:20Set the “UserProcGroup” value from “20″ to “5″ will make IS works fine. 

    I faced the same problem as you, but after changing the registry value, my internet sharing is working fine again. Remember to restart your phone after changing the value.

  • Joe

    worked like a charm. updated from 7720 to 7740, then to 8107 and then language pack last and everything seems to be working well on my trophy

  • ThanhLam.Nguyen

    I have the same issue with Morrison. I was flashed the correct language pack anh now every thing ok. thanks alot! I’m using Omnia7.

  • Morrison

    Worked now thanks.

  • Sandor

    Worked flawlessly on my HTC 7 Trophy. Internet Sharing still worked after updating so I didn’t need to use the registry patch.

  • Anonymous

    Yess….this solution appears to work

  • Anonymous

    Look what wrote Joe user….. the solution seems to work

  • Nick Quadens

    Worked like a charm !! Mine was at value 32 for some odd reason.

    Thanks a lot !!

  • Frank Lutulla

    No luck for me.   Omnia 7 on   7740.16   and  2424.11.9.2. Win 7 ultimate x64 

    Update device bfc9eb85 – d72e518f – a3a19521 – 86cc6080 Complete with error code
    : 8018004D, error message: Impossibile installare l’aggiornamento dell’immagine
    nel telefono. Nessun pacchetto applicabile.
    ???????» Done

  • Sabercatfan97

    sucess on my Samsing Focus (SGH-i917) from 7720 to 7740 and to 8107

  • Cantellu

    Samsung Focus …Phone app died but setting still work…need to restore…

  • Cantellu

    spoke too soon..applied language pack app wokring now…Thanks MobileTechWorld…

  • Nsarraj

    Worked smoothly on my HD7.. without any problems mentioned above… thanks a lot….

  • Brekele

    im using samsung focus 7720, and download 7740, 8107 and eng lang. then put them all in one folder. extract the 7740. update, took 15-30min to update and backup. and when it starts…it already in 8107!how could?shud it be in 7740 first?and update it again to 8107?wew

    no 3G/2G options,where is it?thx 4 tutorial

  • Aivanm

    Worked fine with my HD7, however, now I can’t sideload apps {it was unlocked with the Chevron $9 Unlock}

  • Simonog

    How do i flash a language pack please?  I have lost the phone app

  • Simonog

    Help- could not see obvious way to flash the language pack.  am contemplating having to revert.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Flash it the same way you flashed the OS. Put in the WPupdate Tool folder (after deleting the OS cab that you used to flash the phone) and update.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Flash it the same way you flashed the OS. Put in the WPupdate Tool folder (after deleting the OS cab that you used to flash the phone) and update.

  • Simonog

    thank you – I wasn’t clear enough – where do i find the language pack?

  • MobileTechWorld

    ? It’s linked in the post above. Just choose your language and download it.

  • MobileTechWorld

    ? It’s linked in the post above. Just choose your language and download it.

  • Simonog

    apologies – embarrassed – had simply missed it :(
    thank you.  that fixed the dial app.
    you are a star

  • MobileTechWorld

    You’re welcome :)

  • Cant Get Off 7720…

    cant get this to work… I just get “ERROR: No Update Files” yet I’ve copied the .CAB file into the C:UsersusernameDesktopCABSendertoolsx86 director as both un compressed and extracted files?  Any clues??

  • fidt

     Download the update from the first link above then download the WPupdate tools from here. Theres nothing in here! is there another link to get the 
    WPupdate tools.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Works for me. Just click on “Regular Download”.

  • Anonymous

    Dell Venue Pro updated!

  • ctleng76

    I can confirm that updating first to 7740 and then to 8107 works on a Focus Flash as well (mine started with 7720).  I just did it with mine and had no problems whatsoever.

  • Luka73

    Is this working for unlocked phones only? Mine hd7 isn’t unlocked so is there a way for me to update?

  • Gaby

    Phone app and settings dead….how do I flash language pack?

  • Michael

    Worked fine on my Verizon HTC Trophy.

  • Nehr

    if yr phone is 7720 and u dont want the samsung update, just wait for the 7.10.8107.79 in zune and update, when it reaches samsung update unplug the phone and manually update using firmare files from xda

  • Edgar Benavides

    Has anyone updated the HTC Surround with this? it’s safe to apply the update to this phone?

  • Kevin Romain

    I’m trying to upgrade the HTC Radar 4G, running 7720.

  • Luka73

    I’m doing like it says up but it’s always “Error: No update files!”. It’s htc hd7 with 7.10.7740.16.

  • Dino

    I’m a bit scared to update. I have (FR) Lumia 800. Does the backup function backup all my apps + settings? After update, should I still have my apps and settings intact?

  • Herring Jody

    will this work on a htc arrive from sprint?

  • disko

    2 questions that I don’t really see asked/answered in previous posts.  Number 1, will it still keep the base AT&T apps, and keep all settings intact?  Secondly, do you have to extract the .cab files into the extracted Update folder, or just leave each as the .cab?  I wish stupid AT&T would just push these updates out already so we don’t have to jump through these hoops!

  • DavidinCT

    Thanks for this, I got my Verizon Trophy updated to 8107, it did fix a whole bunch of little issues that I was having with my phone. Now I am just waiting for the offical Verizon 8107 and if I did it right, I should still get the offical update.

  • MobileTechWorld

    1) Yes
    2) Leave each as a .cab

  • Nick Corder

    I successfully updated a stock Sprint Arrive and 2 stock Cincinnati Bell Radar 4Gs.  All 3 have been running fine for a week.

  • Nick Corder

    yes and it does need the language pack.  Just do the 7720-7740 upgrade first then the 7740-8107 and then the language pack.  I’ve been running fine for a week on my Arrive

  • Dutchguy

    HTC 7 Trophy from German reseller on Dutch network updated succesfully. Needed English – UK languagepack (3rd try after English – US and German). 
    Question: where to find correct language pack upfront? 

  • Simonog

    I installed 8107 on my Lumia 800 a couple of weeks ago and it worked fine for a week.

    The question mark is back on the battery icon and the diagnostics show all the battery parameters as zero (the reason I upgraded to 8107).  I checked the installed version carefully and it is 8107.

    [sounds of hair being torn out!]

    Any other Lumia users had the same issue?

  • disko

    Awesome, thanks!

  • Eastbayrae

    Doesn’t work for an HTC HD7.  I get an error that says no update files found.

  • Guild

    Samsung Focus

    1. Warning that only 1 restore point gets created at %localappdata%microsoftWindows Phone Update

    So if you run this twice, the original restore point gets over written.

    2. I placed both the OS cab and language pack cab simultaneously in the same folder as the .bat file with success.

    3. The Exchange email account reply/forward issue is now resolve with this update; however, forwards are sent with the original email as an .eml attachment instead of being in the body. Not exactly ideal imo.

  • Guild

    umm… don’t use aligator brackets here…

  • Skjnrddongj

    Yeah i got big balls, i installed this onto HD2 with UltraFruit rom. no back up!

  • He Man

    A few questions…
    Why are there two language packs for each.  Do I need to install both.  

  • He Man

    Did you just do the second language pack or both?

  • Nick Corder

    I have successfully updated 2 Radar 4Gs and recieved no errors.  They were already at 7740 so I only needed to take them to 8107 and apply the language pack.

  • Sai

    I have a Samsung Focus S and I’m having a huge and strange problem.

    Everytime when anyone send a message to me it takes 2 or 3 hours to receive it… Sometimes when i try to call someone it sayd “system busy”.

    Does anyone know how to solve it? It is causing a lot of problems to me.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • He Man

    Maybe try installing Samsung Wireless manager, put it on auto, then turn it off, take the sim out, boot back up, shut it down, put the sim back in and then boot it up again. Maybe it just needs to be reset on the network. Was it working correctly before the update? You can try rolling back and see if is working correctly with 7720. If it is, try the update again and see if you are still having the problems. Maybe the update didn’t work right the first time.

  • He Man


  • David Corr

    No luck here either and I need help.  Tried to update my Samsung Focus. Updated from 7720 to 7740 successfully, Updated from 7740 to 8107 successfully. Everything on the phone works except the phone app. Cannot make calls. Go into Settings: System and clicking on Cellular AT&T does nothing. Installed the 8107 language pack and it did not work. Error-ed out. Tried the 7740 language pack and that did nothing. Tried to Restore and am still at 8107. Restore to previous did not work.

    Are you supposed to update to 7740, then 7740 language pack, then update to 8107 and then 8107 language pack?? Looks like some people here got it to work doing the two updates and then one language pack. HELP!

  • David Corr

    Finally after trying the language pack a 4th time, the changes took and the phone was successfully updated. Phone app was restored after installing the 7.10.7740.16-7.10.8107.79 language app multiple times. Probably the last time I will attempt to manually update this phone not using Zune. Jeez….only took 3 hrs….

  • Rajaking316

    Works like a charm Updated my samsung focus from 7720

  • jujubeans

    Hi, I’ve been trying to update mine and it just says ERROR: No updates files

  • jujubeans

    I need help … can’t seem to update my Dell Venue Pro :(

  • Marc

    HD7 phone UK on Three network.
    Updated to 7740 successfully and then updated to 8107 successfully.

    You then need to update Language pack otherwise phone app or setting don’t work. If you’re in the UK, remember to use the UK English pack and not the USA one otherwise it wont install properly.

    My phone now updated to 8107 and working perfectly.

  • Hareemba

     hi my phone is Dell venue pro, present version is 7.10.7720.68, and i am not getting any updates still
    please help me how to get latest update, hareemba@6c9578da646428f4e7ac708f3956d8d1:disqus @gmail:disqus .com plz plz

  • marter b

    I have the Focus SGH-i917 at 7.10.7720 but when applied the steps mention here only a beep from the phone and nothing happens

    Please help

  • Lessram

    I have a HTC7Pro from German O2 branded (bought in Liechtenstein). Included are English, French, German. If I included these 3 languages PLUS an extra language (Dutch) will it add the extra language?

  • Nandula Karthik


    i had updated the firmware successfully in the evening but unable to use the dialer or able to view the list of called/incoming list. also the internet sharing has been disabled, its sayin “there’s no data connection to share at the moment. check your settings and signal and try again”
    pls help

  • Marc

     You need to update your Language pack otherwise phone app or setting don’t work.
    Find it from the list in this article.

  • Nandula Karthik

    hey, did ur phone app work again. i got the same problem

  • Nandula Karthik

    it worked, updated the wrong language pack. thnx man..

  • Fersho

    didnt work for me I got an error says Error: No Update Files

  • Yamil Tactuk

    I have a Samsung Focus and worked perfectly!
    I just needed to install the language pack also :)Thanks a lot :D

  • Pruthivivek

    Updated my Samsung Omnia W manually through the cab sender as mentioned by you, but forgot to take the backup.
    The Phone Dialer is not working.
    Want to revert back.
    What should I do ?

    Please Help

  • Bob

     install your language pack and dailer will work again

  • Adam

    Hi, already have updated to 7.10.8107.79 throught Zune but I want swedish display language. Can I use .cab swedish? Please tell me the steps.

  • Manoj_03

    i have Nokia Lumia 710 and my Firmware version is 7.10.8107.79 and i want to roll back from 8107 to 7004 or 7008… pls pls pls tell me How do i can do?????????